I guess it makes sense

So I guess it is ok to have seven pokestops and two gyms on one parking lot, but not ok to get a single stop on a rural route where people actually walk, jog and bike


We need more info than that if you want a meaningful discussion.

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What is the question?

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I apologize, it wasn’t a question, just expressing my amazement about the placement of stops and gums

Have you nominated anything on that route? Is there anything to nominate? You have to remember you are nominating points of interest - there’s always going to be a lot more interesting things to look at or visit in built up areas. When it’s just a trail along a field, whilst very scenic in general, there’s nothing specific for a stop to be attached to - you can’t just have one in the middle of a field for example!

So look for things that you think people might find interesting (but not natural features) and nominate them. Trail markers are the obvious ones in these sorts of areas - but you can sometimes find other things (eg a bird hide, information signs about local wildlife, quaint bridges, historic mile markers, etc). We have a beautiful canal walk, and the only stop down there was an old WWII pill box. We now have 4 gyms and multiple stops because we really looked around us on walks down there so see what could interest other people!

Good luck!

Perhaps a 50 plus year old pond?

Ponds will probably be regarded as natural features, so ineligible. However, if the pond has a sign or better still an information board, then yes. For example:


@bhodili72 is there a footpath sign that leads you to the pond? You could nominate the sign and in the description say where it leads you to, with information on the pond?

Are there any official walking trails with trail markers you could nominate?

The pond is natural, my grand father dug three of them like 53 years ago, this is the only one left, the others were back filled and had homes put in over them, this one now sits in the middle of the homes that were put in

Can you share a picture of the map of the area? Or post the coords? We can tell you are frustrated, but there really needs to be eligible POI’s in an area for them to be included in the game. It may not be fair, but those are the rules.

There are a lot of us here that are willing to help rural players get legit POI’s. Send us a map location and we can look around and see what we can do to help you increase your density in your area.

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I’ll see if I still have all of that when I’m out of work

I’m not really frustrated, I just don’t get it… I see a parking lot with 7 stops and two gyms, and see a stop at an intersection on a 55 mph two lane highway…. I don’t want people, especially kids, walking around parking lots or beside highways to spin stops. Yet you hardly ever see stops out away from these type areas…. Just makes no sense to me

Welcome @bhodili72
As you know Niantic love an element of uncontrolled randomness in their games.
They could have placed gyms and stops at regular distances with no associated features - they would all be just points on the screen. But as part of ethos to get people out and about they chose real objects and with that comes the total randomness of sourcing places.
It’s a process that has been going on for years using broad criteria to select points. And some places are full of potential and others are like deserts.
But this plus the developers rules about spacing - see Pokémongo hub and S2 cells- is what ends up with some places with lots and others with few.
It is frustrating.
But the positive is at least through Wayfarer you get the chance to put new points into the games. So if you are up for the challenge experienced wayfinders in here will be very happy to help.

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I think the first thing you need to do is clear your mind from the “kids” aspect of Wayfarer. The map isn’t made for kids. We often think of Pokemon GO as a kids game, but 2 things:

  • It’s more of a nostalgia game for the people who were kids when Pokemon was released. That’s over 25 years ago. So those people are fully adults now.

  • Wayfarer adds POI to the Lightship map which serves more than just Pokemon GO. Ingress was the first game to use this concept of real world points of interest in a mobile game. That is not a kids game by any stretch of the imagination. Kids can play it, but nothing about it calls out to kids.


Well, I did say

I didn’t want people, especially kids

I did not single out kids, I know a lot of adults play, but so do a lot of kids…… the fact is it isn’t exactly safe for adults or kids to be walking through parking lots or down the side of roads with their faces buried in a phone spinning poke stops

It all starts with Field Trip and expands from there… Field Trip (application) - Wikipedia

Although Field Trip is long gone, the POIs are still visible in the Ingress Mission Authoring tool. This is Liberty Island, New York… Field Trip POIs are visible as binoculars, Ingress portals as spiky explosion things…