Rural areas

How forgiving are you with submissions like these when there is only one or two things on the nearby?

A lot of US nominations in any area will have in their supporting info that they are trying to add stops/gyms to PoGo. I typically assume these are fairly new Wayfarers, and may not know that they shouldn’t be including this in the supporting info.

The titles, descriptions, and photos for these nominations are all good to me, so I’d want to make sure that they meet criteria. I might give these a pass, even though the supporting info does reference PoGo, but if I do know that they continue to mention any game in nominations, I most likely will report them for abuse.

I will say that I have more of an issue with the 2nd nomination saying it would be a good place to restock and catch, whereas the 1st is more of what I see, just stating that there aren’t many stops/gyms in the area. I might be more inclined to reject the 2nd for abuse, less for the 1st.

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The supporting info doesn’t go on the POI if accepted, so I don’t think it matters if it includes it in there - it just isn’t bc a good argument for telling reviewers why they should accept it. The in game wording specifically asks why you think it would make a good pokestop, so it’s understandable that people use that terminology.

Cafes are considered good waypoints for the socialise criteria, so I’d accept both of those. If they had mentioned the game in the description I would have to reject as that’s a hard no - but supporting info is fine. On a less clear nomination, ie one that doesn’t obviously fit a criteria, then that supporting info wouldn’t be enough and it’s a no.

Does that make sense?


That’s in the support though which can be ignored. Obviously it can be poor to better use.

I was more interested in if reviewers would automatically reject these in a denser area but be a bit more lenient in a less dense area?

Hi @26thDoctor
I give every nomination a chance. Convience me!

While the challenge I thumbed up an ugly street “restaurant”, because I saw the surrounding and the submitter convienced me, that he plans to hang arround with his friends and have a good time.
I also thumbed down submissions in areas where nothing was around, but the submitter gives no effort (not low - no!).


They are not mine. Just in my reviews :slight_smile:

The Tea Rooms I would have accepted in a denser area if they had used the support and description a bit better as it looks like somewhere people would actively go to meet each other.

The Pausa one I would normally reject as it’s in a shopping center and more like somewhere you would just stop off making it not so great.

Both had two poi nearby though so I just thought f it and accepted them both.

I don’t meant that you have to convience me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Phew… :smiley:

Just in relation to the shopping centre one. The supporting photo shows how busy it is but is it ok to have people in the picture?

I haven’t come across one like that before and if I was submitting something I’d normally try keep people out of the photos (especially main).

Seeing that made me think , well that’s a busy enough place but I could see it being rejected for the people in the photo also.

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No issue having people in the supporting photo.

In the one you are submitting for the POI you ideally want no people in it, but at the very least make sure no one is identifiable on zooming in I guess - then hope the reviewers think it’s ok!


I wouldn’t reject for that.

Whenever I’ve nominated an NCN sign I try to get someone walking away from me in the support shot so reviewers can see it’s a shared path.


I’m a bit meh about these small cafes or coffee houses, more so if they are part of some other retail outlet.

I did see the first one but skipped it, it needs to sell itself a bit harder. I can’t tell much about it from the submission, the is a website which makes it look a bit more interesting but that’s not cited. The second one I would reject as it’s an integral part of a generic retailer.

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I would accept both places as a good place to socialise, especially in a lower density area.

Even in my town I’ve met a friend at Starbucks at a big store similar to this one, and this isn’t as generic as that so I’m sold on the socialising idea.

I dont reject for people in supporting info in a busy place like a cafe. Nor do I mind people mentioning pokestops etc in the supporting information - the in game text basically seems like it is asking for this type of information


Thanks for the feedback. I was just curious. I’m of the same belief that people in the supporting just show that a place is actually a busy spot, active place,etc. Saying that, where I’d agree with you that it shouldn’t be an issue in supporting I’d be hesitant myself when submitting as I’d expect it to be rejected here…it’s pot luck if something gets through here. Usual rejection reason is unsafe access (even though completely safe) Seems to be areas that anything can get through and others that you’d expect as an easy pass never appearing and seeming rejected.


Having a day catching up…
I think if its a rural area I will look at what is around …often you can quickly see if this is likely to be one of the few socialisation spots or I will happily spend time checking it out on the web.
If its on a busy city street with loads of wayspots already and they haven’t provided much information I am less inclined to go digging.

I think shopping centre ones are tricky. If its a cafe in a garden centre typically with out much around it will often go through. People do arrange to meet there have something in the cafe and a natter.
But locally they also do the same in Morrisons. Kids eat free or very cheaply so i know of families who meet up there for a meal and natter before doing some shopping. Now I think its too basic a place so wouldn’t nominate it but thinking of our topic about poorer areas I have question if there is a snobbish ness at play here. A great place to eat in a community that is not well off might mean something very different than area where the cost of meal would be out of their price range.
There is such a lot of subjectivity in wayfarer that hard an fast rules are not helpful.


Definitely agree that this can happen at times! I always try to put myself in the position of someone from the area, rather than thinking of my own position