I have a question about my pokemon stop

I hope I’m in the right area to talk about this.
I nominated Subway near my house and it got accepted and posted up right away. But 1 week later it got removed. WHY? It still says accepted on my nomination list but no reason on why it got deleted or removed

it’s the most generic possible business (subway was for years the chain with the most locations worldwide), doesn’t meet any criteria

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Isn’t this literally the exact subway you posted in this thread?

As tehstone says, the Wayspot doesn’t meet any acceptance criteria so was likely reported and then got removed.

Hot dang, what an eagle eye. It’s the SAME pic!

yep, I knew as soon as I opened this thread.

Well, it might not be in Ingress, but it’s still in the database…

Shoreline, WA - Now I remember!

I’ve never posted anything of this stop till just now. So not sure why its in that link your showing. lol

we like to look at maps, we know how to find stuff

I’m still confused on why it got removed when it said accepted. Oh! Well I guess.

Sometimes it doesn’t show up on maps so I like to view it on street view to where you can see it better. lol

it got accepted, then it got removed. happens all the time

Oh okay.

Was it removed with the last 5 days - a week? If so, I’m guessing it’s one of the ones that was removed based on the post that someone linked to further up this thread. If you read down it, you can see that exact nomination was in the list, and someone from Niantic said they had it were taking action on all of them.

I think it’s one of those things that should never have been accepted in the first place I’m afraid!