Ideas for a good name for rock art

I live on a 3 way road where there’s lots of access to walking, running, biking & driving. So it should be easy to get to spin the pokemon stop. So! I made art on rocks but is having a little hard time coming up with a good title for the poke stop. Could anyone help me better this for a pokemon stop. I’m trying to get one at my house. The stop would be placed on the street by the stop sign.

Private single family residential property is a rejection reason. Unsafe pedestrian access is a rejection reason. Temporary or not Distinct is a rejection reason.

I would not recommend submitting this.


Unfortunately I think this would be rejected as being temporary because they are not likely to stay in place for long being so small and not attached to anything. I dont think this would be acceptable to the reviewers.

If you wanted to create unique artwork for your area (and you have permission to install it publically) then you’d want to go for something that would be classed as permanent and would be interesting for other people in the area.

Submissions need to meet one of 3 criteria : a good place to either exercise, socialise or explore. Artwork typically comes under explore. You’d need to be able to show it in your submission as something people would want to explore the local area to find. These rocks are cute but dont meet that criteria.


you may want to remove your supporting photo as it reveals your location. i checked the area, and in suburban areas like this, there just aren’t usually any legitimate places for wayspots

These aren’t acceptable because they look as if they are on private property and they aren’t permanent art. Anyone walking by could just walk off with them. With that said, I don’t see a sidewalk either. Please do not submit this

Except Little Free Libraries if there’s one of them near him/her

wrong. little free libraries on private residential property are NOT eligible. i don’t know how so many get on the map incorrectly.


I assume theZodiac meant that they are often in suburban areas, not that they are eligible on private property.

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That’s what I meant. Thank you for that

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I thought you were telling the op that this neighborhood might have an eligible LFL. I do not see any common spaces for this neighborhood. I just see private single family residential property extending to the street. An LFL in this neighborhood would not be eligible in any spot I can see on Google Maps. I tried to find something to suggest the OP submit instead, but everything nearby-ish that I can suggest is already showing on the Ingress map. And certainly there is no place eligible that would fulfill the original wish:

I wanted to make it clear to the OP that an “at my house” pokestop was not going to happen. I know it is frustrating.


“I got a rock”


I apologize about that @cyndiepooh! I was meaning nearby. I honestly didn’t look around their area like you did. Was just giving some advice about what to watch out for, because they’re eligible if they aren’t on private property. My first comment above would be the best advice from me


oh, and welcome to the forum!

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So! Do I have to find bigger rocks to paint on to make it visible? or how can I get a pokestop near my house that’s not on my propriety. Little Libraries are expensive to buy online and to make it. xD

On the forum, most explorers refer to the “stops” as POI’s or points of interest. You are suggesting a nomination to go on the Lightship Map. A Niantic owned property. The games that pull from the map then decide which ones meet their inclusion rules and they show up on the map of that game.

It is genuinely frowned upon trying to manipulate and manufacture items to “get a home stop”. The rocks in question are temporary at best and abuse at worst.

There are a couple of rejection reason you are going to run into with your course of action:

  1. PRP - Private Property
  2. Temporary
  3. Pedestrian Access

I hope this help you, I’d seriously re-read the criteria before nominating the rocks next to your house.


i thought i was clear that nothing in your area is NOT private residential property, so even an LFL would not be eligible.

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Yeah, nothing in that area is eligible.

Definitely not the other lfls I saw or the Subway.

I don’t think you will get painted rocks accepted @Ilovepoopies7

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Thank you for that. I was here before with the old forum as well. Love seeing the way things are now. Thank you for the warm welcome :hugs:


I hate to say it but you are wasting your time by submitting anything at your house. You are best off going somewhere public and look for things that may actually meet criteria. This is beneficial to the community. It is also abuse to submit things on private property and could get you and your accounts banned. If you need any help at all, feel free to send me a message. I’d be more than happy to help you. Take care!