Unsafe Access

Hello. My small town is growing and has done some road work on a few roads. In the intersections they have added a little street art and I nominated them. When placing where the way point should be. I moved them to the corner where the sidewalk is located. Our town is small and growing. We are trying to grow the community for Pokemon Go and get what we can Nominated. The way the lay out is in downtown we can’t have that many stops to give us Gyms to do raids and stuff. Please help me understand and help me get these accepted.

Some more information would be helpful for those to chime in. Maybe your nomination screenshot can be shared. If you cannot physically get to the street art then it will be rejected. Although height isn’t considered an issue if art is up high on a building. When I review nominations I check to make sure it is in the correct location and will adjust if needed. Sounds like the street art might be in the roadway, which would not be accepted. I know some have been in the past such as coloured sidewalks or other art on the pavement. But you need to realistically be able to safely stand at the wayspot for a time to interact depending on the game or just check it out.

I have heard many complaints with the cell limits in pokemon go. I know it would be nicer to have more stops and gyms closer together. Keep looking out for other objects in your area. Maybe a coffee shop or restaurant, post offices, town hall, statues, sculptures, or fountains. If you have a small town maybe you have some unique older shops. I find once I look into the history of something it can be quite interesting and makes for a neat wayspot with description.

Please share screenshots of your nominations that you talking about from the contributions section and we can further give our opinion. If it’s a mural in the middle of an intersection where it’s dangerous for you to properly scan if the location of the waypoint was correctly placed right on the mural, then yes- rejection for not being safe. If the mural touched all four corners of the intersection where pedestrians could stand at the corners, maybe a different consideration.

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Yeah so there is side walks on all 4 corners and it’s a 4 way stop. On each one. The waypoint was put on the corner where the sidewalk is.

If you could provide a screenshot of the nomination that would definitely help others to provide some support on the nomination.

Oh ok. The focus of that is in the centre. I would mark it as unsafe as well. Also seems like a more common design that is popping up to enhance areas.
I was doing some reviews and just got this one. To be honest. I am torn. I think it looks great, but again… I don’t know. Debating on it.
The tips touch the corners so maybe… but still it is on the road. This is more what I thought you would be nominating.

I decided to go with it and approve it myself.


I would highly encourage you to review acceptable criteria, along with the tips for nominating in rural areas.