Should this be a pokemon stop

I’m aware that art is acceptable as a pokemon stop. Would or could art on rocks count. I have lots of rocks that I drew art on. I mean I can re-do them and do more. Let me know what you think?

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Unfortunately because of the nature of small painted rocks, these are not eligible as someone could easily walk up and take them all.

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what can I do to improve it. I’m trying to get a pokemon stop near my house and I thought that might work lol Little Free Libraries are hella expensive and I"m too lazy to make one myself.

I doubt there’s much you can do to improve the eligibility of it to be honest, small painted rocks are considered temporary no matter how many you put there.


what should I do tho if I can’t do rocks? lol
do you have any ideas?

You may have to accept that not everyone can have a PokéStop/Portal in range of their house, and have to embrace the explore and exercise pillars of Niantic’s games and head to your nearest Portal/PokéStop.


I am fairly sure we have had this discussion already and every point made in the comments at that time still stands.

This is neither permanent, nor in an acceptable location, nor an interesting place to visit. There is unfortunately nothing you can do to make this eligible. I would suggest looking for something else to nominate.


I was going to say… this look oddly familiar.