Wayspot is gone?

The wayspot, which was approved and created on March 1st, is now gone. Can you tell me why? The portal is a stone pagoda of great historical value. I don’t think there is any reason to disappear because there are no other waypot nearby.
In the niantic wayfarer app, you can see that the wayapot exists as approved.

Is it possible a local property owner complained about it?

Which game did you use to submit it?

ingress. I had this portal key. The owner of the place where the cultural property is located is the state (local government).

We have not made any changes to this Wayspot at all. The Wayspot is very much live.

We have not made any changes to this Wayspot at all. The Wayspot is very much live.

So why can’t I check the portal in ingress…?

This Wayspot was never live in Ingress. There seems to be a sync issue.

When the first portal was created, I received a key. And I also checked that the portal was created. If it’s a synchronization problem now, does it mean it’s a temporary problem?

There must be some confusion here. I can confirm that this Wayspot was never there in Ingress.

It was here.

Thank you. This is weird. I have flagged it to the team and will follow-up when I hear back from them.

Thank you so much for your care.

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We looked into this Wayspot and looks like it is present on the gameboard. Could you please confirm if you physically went to this location to check or did you just check it on Intel Map?

I applied for wayspot myself.

I understand that. I was enquiring about your report that it is not present on the gameboard. Based on our investigation, it is. So, will it be possible for you to go to this location and verify if it exists on the gameboard?

For now, it doesn’t exist on Intel Maps. Actually, it takes time to get there, so I think it will be confirmed later.

Yes, it’s not present on Intel Map but shows up on the game board. We have already files a report for the Intel Map issue.

Ok. I will check if I visit the location later. It’s not close. If it doesn’t exist then, I will ask again. Thank you.

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Portal has not yet been recovered within the Ingress game.

@Kakaru010 that wayspot is in game as portal, it just doesnt appear on the intel map for whatever reason.