Invalid wayspot due to safety concerns

  • Wayspot Title: Taman Permata Datuk Gong
  • Location (lat/lon): 5.3396810, 100.4784930
  • City: Bukit Mertajam, Penang
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):
  • Additional Information (if any):

I think this should fulfill the removal criteria of “Safety concern - on a major roadway, highway, or bridge”. But somehow my removal request is rejected.

The wayspot is been here for years in the middle of the junction and don’t provide sufficient space for players. This has caused several severe accidents here due to “insufficient pedestrian path” provided around this area. It is also one of the main road which are heavily used by the villagers as it’s the only entrance to the village.

It’s being complaint by the villagers and they started to blame on the players.
So I am here to represent the villagers and at the same time representing myself, requesting to remove this pokestop as this might cause social issues to the villagers and the players.

This one doesn’t look dangerous to me. There seems to be enough space next to the object and the road doesn’t seems to a major highway.

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We have the same idea.
But when I am there myself, I just realized the road is heavily used by the villagers as it’s the only entrance to the village.

There are few schools nearby as well. Many students walking and cycling during the peak hour. That’s why it becomes the main concern to the villagers.

This is obviously a small roadside temple.

The function of the temple is for people to worship, and you can also see many offerings (gifts donated to the gods by worshipers) on the street view:

Without safe pedestrian passages, this temple would not even be established here. At most, We can only say this wayspot “Not suitable to be a Gym”, but i think as a Pokestop, it is definitely qualified.

It’s a difficult issue. Certainly, in many places throughout the world there is no pavement/sidewalk for pedestrians, which means they must walk in the street. However, as most know, it is dangerous and thousands of pedestrians are hit by vehicles every day. This happens even in remote rule areas, as well as in heavily traveled urban centers.

I believe from Niantic’s standpoint, the fact that people typically walk in a road does not necessarily equate safe pedestrian access. Even if walking in the road is the only means of travel, it’s very different to place a game POI so that people must stand in a road to play a game, possibly put their life at risk.

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Yeap, agree it shouldn’t be there.

Moreover it is a Gym in Pokémon Go.
We have very active pogo community here that’s why people stop at the road side and play game (for raiding or taking over the gym I guess)

So I really hope this wayspot can be removed. Or at least, downgrade it into pokestop so players won’t stop by and gather here which is very dangerous

I know right.
There are few accident cases happened here.

That’s why the it makes the villagers so frustrating and angry.
(Some even blame the pogo players thoughtlessly :smiling_face_with_tear:)

I just don’t want the pogo community being hated by local villagers :sob:

I don’t see evidence here that this cannot be safely accessed, especially when people obviously do visit the shrine. If you really feel this must be removed, have the property owner contact Niantic. Niantic has always honored a property owner request in my experience.

Thanks for the appeal, @Victor0427 After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.


The shrine is located at the public area. Do you mean I just share Niantic one of the villager evidences will do?

By the way do you mind to share how to show the ownership evidence to Niantic Support?
Have few ineligible wayspot here located in private residential area asking me to remove the wayspot for their sake.

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Thanks Team Niantic

Sometimes I have headaches when encountering these shrines due to:

  • these shrines are mostly privately owned, and they may locate next to a residential unit. Visiting these privately owned shrine is not allowed.
  • some of these shrines are private business establishments owned, whereby accessibility is restricted.
  • it’s not a place of interest per say, as the shrine is very small in size. It does not encourage group gathering as well. Due toits sized, the location of these shrines can be quite difficult to access.

Based on the reasons above, I’m actually quite reluctant to approve the Wayspot. I’ll just skip if I can.

Glad you didn’t have to on this one! The form for property owners to request removal is at the top here or you can send them this link directly: Request modification or removal of a PokéStop or Gym – Pokémon GO

(Note: anyone can use this form. If you are not the property owner, there is a place to say that on the form, and then you should ignore the automated email you will get asking for proof you are the property owner.)