Invalid Wayspot - Metro Balboa Station

  • Wayspot Title: Metro Balboa Station
  • Location (lat/lon): Ingress Intel Map / 34.18648,-118.498759
  • City: Los Angeles, CA
  • Country: USA
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  • Additional Information (if any):

According to Eligibility Criteria — Wayfarer Help Center, famous transit stations is one example of a great place to be social with others. This station is not famous - I’ve been living in LA since before this G line was build, and after it got build I haven’t heard anything about this station that would make it famous. This is pretty much a regular bus station with a parking lot, just like several other G line stations. Having parking lots so that commuters can park their cars before boarding public transit system hardly makes them famous, and thus this station does not qualify and should not have been approved.

Please remove this wayspot. I’ve seen nominations of generic bus stops. Let’s not encourage players to nominate more and let’s avoid questions like “That bus stop is a wayspot, why can’t I make this bus stop a wayspot?”

Appeal Rejected - Thanks for the appeal, Explorer. This Wayspot does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

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Transport hubs like metro stations help people explore. They aren’t really places to be social but they are linked to the explore criteria. This does not require them to be historic or otherwise special - their function is what makes them acceptable.

Imagine you have gone to the city to sightsee - you probably will use the metro system to navigate around the area. Stations are widely accepted as good waypoints as they help people explore a town or city.

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@NianticAaron OK, cool, I’ll start nominating bus stops :+1:

How is this bus station different from a regular bus stops?

A bus station is typically a significant transport hub. A single bus stop, not so much, although it would depend on the area. A rural area may get a bus stop accepted as it would be a significant transport hub for them. But a big city, only the stations would likely be significant.


This clarifies about nothing :laughing: A lot of bus stops of LA Metro system are at intersections with another bus route so you can easily exit one bus and get on another.

So again, what makes this metro bus station different from any other metro bus station?

Hi @Itsutsume
I don’t want to discuss on this with you (I know the direction it will take :wink::sweat_smile:), but I want to invite you to comment on this:

I would be interested.

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One is a bus station, one is a bus stop.

A bus station is a major hub, this one has a parking lot for people to use as the anchor point of their travels.

A bus stop is a single point that is only the bus stop.

Bus stations are eligible, but bus stops are not. A station doesn’t need to be “famous” or “historical” its function as an anchor point for exploration is sufficient to qualify it as a wayspot. A bus stop however, is generic and does not qualify as a Wayspot.


Maybe when you say bus station, you mean something different to me?

A station would be a building, it would contain maps, information, ticket purchasing, etc, and multiple bus routes would stop there.

A bus stop would be a pole by the side of the road. It might have a basic shelter next to it, big enough for maybe 4 people to get out of the rain. Maybe only 1 or 2 bus routes would use it (maybe more in very busy areas).

I do this to bring what I think is interesting and meets acceptance criteria, remove what I think is uninteresting and doesn’t meet criteria, and keep things up-to-date and in proper order.

Let me clarify that a bit. I don’t usually wander around, looking for something. But if I happen to be somewhere where I see something interesting to be added, or something that could use a newer photo / location adjustment / updated title or description, or something that has been long gone, or something that shouldn’t have been accepted, I act. That’s all.

This station of the same route doesn’t have a parking lot, but it’s called a station, and it’s also a wayspot:

So just being called a bus station instead of a bus stop qualifies it to become a wayspot, even though it’s still pretty much a bus stop?

Also, where does it say that a bus stop doesn’t have to be famous? I found about famous in Eligibility Criteria — Wayfarer Help Center. I’d like to know what qualifies as a “major hub”.

Personally I avoid “are eligible” and “does not qualify” for “can be eligible” and “typically does not qualify.” There are always exceptions to the norm.

What it’s called doesn’t really matter so much. Being a “major hub” isn’t a requirement and even being “famous” isn’t the only qualifier.

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I would agree with you. “Bus station” kinda brings a bus terminal to mind, with maps, tickets, etc. This bus line uses a dedicated road, but some of its stations aren’t that much more than poles with shelter, although for more than 4 people.

So I am curious what constitutes a “major” hub. Is it anything that’s a bit above a regular bus stop? I asked about this in clarifications thread, maybe I’ll get one from Niantic.

So what theoretically might have qualified this bus station to become a wayspot?

I don’t know. I’m not from that region nor strongly familiar with that type of nomination and I can’t see the full nomination presented to reviewers.

The description says “The entrance sign to the Metro Orange Line Balboa Station”. Any thoughts now?

Nope. Like I said, I’m not regionally familiar enough to have a stance and I’m not able to weigh it with the Supporting statement.

I am a bit familiar with this area, but I am in the same boat as you - I have no clue why this is a wayspot :slightly_smiling_face: