Is there a problem with the sync for the medal too or?

Yeah I only looked out of interest mid challenge but because it was a somewhat nice number I remembered it, and checked again when my rating dropped, and again several times after, no movement. This morning it’s stil 3,310

The in game medal number only increases when you’re in good or better tier.
Trust me, I know, I’d have already gotten the badge by now if I didnt take the criteria so literal.

Yes I am in good, have always been great untill this challenge

Strange one. Saying that, with one of the old upgrades I received, the same kind of thing happened. I got the upgrade and was around 90 something…then within a few days I jumped up to about 20 something all of a shot. Could be a system thing, that it picks up the agreement but is a bit slower to reflect it on the percentage.

The agreements are gone so slow recently I just wait and check them once or twice a week. Some times you login and notice 1 or 2 new ones. Other times you get like 10+. I’ve given up worrying about them. They will come when they come.:rofl:

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Same here.
My PoGo medal didn’t change at all despite being at Great and getting agreements. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Same as yesterday - 3310 in Pokemon Go and got 27% of an upgrade in the last 24 hours so I did get agreements. Rating still at good.

In case you didn’t know… On your Ingress profile, the stats default to “All Time”, but also has a “Month” and “Week” tab. “OPR Agreements” are in the first section (“Discovery”).

My pogo medal has updated fyi


Ooh yeah, got 88 agreements added. Yay!

Same, finally!

Still nothing here, wtf i did 500+

did your rating slip? you don’t get credit on the medal unless you are in good or great standing.

It was in fair for 5 portals then it went to good again

the rewards are still rolling out, folks

Finally! It updated :heart_eyes:

Just give it time. With the amount of reviews carried out in a short period you will have a trickle down effect and it will take time to get the agreements and then reflect that.

I was pretty much static for a while (like 2-5% per day) then it took off yesterday and today and I’m up almost 30% so far and closing in rapidly on another upgrade.

I got my badge thnx nia