Is there a problem with the sync for the medal too or?

I’ve noticed mine hasnt changed since the challenge ended, and ive had agreements, tryna get this over with already soooo yeah.

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I saw in the other post that you are in great status so posting that here before people start explaining that part to you.

It has been a long time since I paid attention to those medals, but sync should not be affecting them. Sync is just to get them into the games. The agreements have already been reached.

believe me ive been paying attention to it since I started to get it, its been stuck at 1,107 since this ended, I just wanna get this over with already.

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Ooh actually my wayfarer agreements badge in Pokemon Go is the same as it was during the challenge, 3,310.

My rating is still “good”, which I think is supposed to still count in game, (it never went below good) and I just got another upgrade awarded tonight, but my medal hasnt moved in a while, so that actually doesnt feel right?

hmm possible issue then? anyone know if ingress badges went up?

[edit: got a confirmation that ingress badges had increased on WDD]

and is this a pogo issue or a wayfarer issue? idk

I guess I don’t usually check it this much, but I remember looking during the challenge since the number of agreements on the badge is always higher than the agreements on the profile page of Wayfarer. Maybe there’s another category, I don’t know, but anyway, it feels strange that they don’t just go up bit by bit like the other badges, and I’m sure it used to?

I don’t play Ingress, unfortunately—the flickering screen you get in that game meant I couldn’t even make it through the tutorial.

No idea, but agreements have been so wonky with the challenge with the rating drops and getting no credit for hundreds of duplicate reviews, so I wondered. Maybe by chance its separate but seems like it might be worth a check

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Noted these comments and will raise to get it checked.


My Pokemon medal has also been stuck at 1,107 since 5/22 despite having a Great rating and hundreds of agreements since.

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I have also reviewed over 500+ nominations and my medal didn’t sync

Mine is stuck at 1,107 and has been there since the start of the challenge.

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Did you get the notification message that you have been awarded an upgrade? If you did check how many you were actually awarded as it could be your rewards for the Challange.

Just mentioning it as I got it earlier but I’m still a few off my next upgrade and was wondering what it was until I noticed 5 extra in my bag.

If that is what it was it’s not going to affect your agreements in-game.

Just a suggestion, It may not be that at all but might give some clarity.:+1:

I can confirm that it’s still working in ingress, though in that game it’s sort of a constant thing.

pogo typically updates the medal once or twice each day but if it hasn’t updated since the challenge ended then something is wrong.

I didn’t personally track my pogo stats because there’s not a near-automatic way to do it like in ingress so I can’t say whether mine is also stuck


To be honest, when it comes to the in-game medal in pogo, I learn I’ve reached a milestone when it pops up and slaps me in the face with hey, look, you did this!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The flickering has been removed from Ingress for about 2 years now. A lot of the animations has been removed too in the inventory.

Still waiting for +1 in the OPR and I’m expecting much this holiday weekend

Since the +1 is on an ingame badge in Ingress it is the game team that has to do this. So be patient whilst the game team arrange to do this.

Sorry, I just didnt know who to complain to and figured this was my best bet.

Thanks for raising it👍

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No, I had been building agreements slowly for an upgrade and got to 98% then got the single upgrade. The next 5 came a bit later on. So I now have a total of 10.