Appeal that I didn't appeal

On April 19th, 2024 I appealed a nomination that is a map of an area. However, after the appeal went through, I noticed that two older nominations from March 9th, 2024, which had been automatically rejected, were now marked as “appealed.” Initially, I dismissed this as a visual glitch. However, today I received a “duplicate” appeal rejection for one of these nominations, indicating that they might actually be queued for appeals.

When these two nominations were rejected the first time, I actually re-nominated them separately. They both were rejected with which I assumed a bot that might have falsely flagged them for duplicates. I later renominated them, and both have since been accepted.

here is the original rejection email for Insekethotell #3:

here is the one i got earlier today again for the same nomination:

notice the first one was rejected by the team, but the other one was rejected by the community, which doesn’t make sense, because if it was in fact “appealed”, shouldn’t it have been by the team?

not sure what is going on, did anyone encounter such a glitch? should I contact support and alert them that insekthotell #5 will also be a duplicate given that it has been accepted by the newer nomination?

Hi! There were some technical issues some weeks ago with ML so they decided to take action. Here you can read the official post: ML Review Hiccup and Automatic Appeals for Rejected Nominations


And regarding incorrect appeal outcomes, you could make a new post here with your evidence that they are not duplicates (eg. photos showing the multiple insect hotels).

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ah perfect, that exactly matches with what I have encountered. thank you for the information good sir. How can I alert the team that the appeal for the other one is not necessary anymore given that it was already accepted with another nomination?

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thank you for your reply. I actually don’t have any unresolved “duplicate” issue. The problem I had was having a previously rejected “duplicate” waypoint go to “appealed” without me doing it, which MegaTrainerRed already shared what was the cause for that. The falsely flagged duplicates were already dealt with by re-nominating them separately, and they have been accepted since.

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Got it, sorry, thought that some of the appeal outcomes were incorrect duplicates. With respect to alerting the team, it’s kind of you but I think you have done all you could here since you can’t withdraw an appeal. If they see it on here they might remove it, but otherwise it’s no big deal if this extra appeal goes through.

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