Low Quality Wayspots (and other approved things)

Also appropriate for full sun when you can’t see the screen.

I also cannot type when it’s 0°F outside…


That is true…

I got asked what I was doing when trying to take a picture of an allotment sign which was for reasons unknown about 7’ tall, and the allotments were locked when I got there

So I was essentially stood on tiptoes with my arms stretched far above my head taking pictures of a sign that was sort of visible above the tall gates, and taking multiple pictures because its quite hard to stand still like that and line the phone camera up properly :laughing:

I explained that I was taking part in a game where you had to map interesting locations and take pictures of them and they said “oh, cool” :sweat_smile:

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I’m surprised you didn’t say “phone yoga” and get a convert to your new health regimen.

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Whatevr I said, I was never mentioning Pokemon Go :laughing::laughing:

Hey, that’s not made of tinfoil though…


These poor eyes don’t need moar glare, dude.


Seems crazy

I usually poke the camera lens through a gap in the fence/gate… :upside_down_face:

The sign wasnt far enough back from the gate to get the angle so high… otherwise yes that works, looks far more wierd too :laughing:
It came out clearly which was the main thing, I dont know why they made the sign so high up!

I think a lot of the worst Wayspots come from the fact that it at times has been too easy to get nominations approved. Some of the worst Wayspots come from the early days of Ingress, poor photo, wrong location and inaccurate or no description. Most of them have been left unchanged because there really isn’t much incentive to fix it. A lot of bad nominations also come from the fact that it at times has been easier to get a fake nomination approved over something that actually meets the criteria. The most bizarre thing I saw was somebody make a fake nomination on a marker for a historical site. Some local PoGo players couldn’t get it approved no matter how hard they tried so they made a fake nomination on the same spot that was instantly approved. Not to mention all the incomprehensible rejections. Pub rejected for having no pedestrian access, museum rejected for being private property, historical factory rejected for being a natural feature and every other nomination tagged for abuse for having some random car in the background or explaining what you can see on the map :joy:


Ingress farming in the past:


If that don’t look like some kind of nerdy Satanic ritual! And I bet they’re all typing weird symbols, too! And hearing voices about links and mind units!


No… Not every piece of art has an obvious title or an artists signature, or a nearby plaque that contains all of the information we need.

Just because you can’t find the title, or the artist, doesn’t make the art less enjoyable. If it’s good art, (which is very subjective), it’s a great thing to explore.

Should we make every effort to find the proper title, and credit the artist where possible? Absolutely, but not having the artist’s name in the description isn’t grounds for rejection.


This one is kind of clever: ‘Stolen Statue’. Basically an empty pedestal, the statue was moved to a nearby location many years ago. At least it had some graffiti, which has been painted over, but I guess you could argue that the stolen statue is still not there. So why was this a good location for a portal? Probably because there used to live an Ingress Agent in the building many years ago. I did try reporting it, I mean it is basically nothing. But to no avail, Niantic said it was fine. After many years somebody opened a restaurant right next to it so I guess it’s okay :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I guess we have another thing to ask Niantic for - make spell check available in PoGo. I don’t complain much about spelling errors, but it would be nice to have less of them :slightly_smiling_face:

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I got into Ingress a few years after it launched, then later learned about submitting nominations, and then even later about reviewing them. Yes, there were bad ones and really bad ones. Los Angeles has a block-wide mural along a river wall, each mural depicts different event in history of US, most of them are wayspots, and most of the wayspot were created on the wrong side of the wall with generic names with numbers. It was an uphill battle with Niantic to move them to proper side of the river and to give them proper names (and after all that Niantic decided to retire some of them :face_with_spiral_eyes:). But when I started reviewing, what I encountered wasn’t too bad. Not enough to complain, at least :slightly_smiling_face: But I remember when PoGo players were allowed to nominate and I remember so many threads on old forum about fake wayspots after that. And yes, I still occasionally get weird rejection reasons, too.

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I don’t know to who or about what you are replying, but I am not talking about art which has no information at all. I mentioned that before. It can be hard to find exact name and we end up improvising. But this Counties wayspot is not the case. It shows at least three names of something. Anyone searching online for those names would find out that those are mountains in California. I have no idea why someone would name them counties, no idea how they came to think those are counties. So that someone didn’t do their proper research, and then either it went through the new automated system, or it went through reviewers who didn’t check either or who checked and decided it’s accurate enough.

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If I remember correctly, we did not have a way to adjust the location of the nomination. It used the GPS location of where the player was standing when they took the photo. So, yeah, most were in the wrong location. (I can’t remember if we could even use a photo from the device, but only in-game.)

Oof, those were really wild days :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes! I come up with the best replies to people. Scanning or nominating or even getting my photos for removals/location edits. Some have asked about the games and I have shown them.