Messed up a submission

So I had a nomination to upload for weeks and kinda forgot about it. Today I uploaded it. I usually just add tba or something like that in the text fields so I can fill them at my computer, which beats being under the summer sun for minutes writing on the phone. Thing is, the nomination went so rapidly into voting that I did not have time to write the text fields!

It will surely be rejected, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that I can’t easily go back to the same place and submit it again. Is there a way to put it back on hold before I permanently lose it?


Unfortunately, since Upload Later doesn’t pause the grace period where a nomination will not go into voting, it can be impossible to put a nomination on hold or edit it if it isn’t uploaded quickly enough.

If you’re within 10km in pogo or 25km in Ingress you could remotely resubmit it, but otherwise you’re out of luck.

If it’s gone into voting already then theres not much that can be done sadly.

What might happen though is the AI might take it, and I’ve seen some AI approved waypoints that have placeholder descriptions - one of the restaurants around here started life with a description “jdjd” :laughing:

So there’s a little hope, and a local player can then add a new description after if it is accepted.


This could be prevented if submissions went directly to “Hold” status instead of “In Queue” and had to be released by the contributor. There is a tool that will allow you to do this “Auto Hold” at but I think it would be good for everyone to have to (or maybe I should have said “get to”) examine their nominations before they get released into the voting pool.


That would be really good if people could set it - similar to being able to not auto apply upgrades!


I would prefer, if a new nominaton goes on auto hold for a defined amount of time (24h?).
Because I think that there’re more nominators than wayfarer. I mean people who never go to theire wayfarer account.


I don’t use the tools so have to be quick, and it keeps me grounded in tge experience we are expected to have.

As such it is a point that has been raised. I think it would be good as it might help people to check and edit any typos etc.


I absolutely would love if people would have to at least look at the wayfarer site in order to have their nominations reviewed!

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Yes, but niantic have than to told them that.
You now how this would work - not

Thanks! Glad to see some things never change.

mod note - edited, let the OP know

Sorry you think that trying to come up with a way to keep other people from having to experience this makes me a “tool.” Yours is a lost cause and cannot be recovered as plenty of other people told you. However, you will have the chance to appeal this if it is rejected. I have seen plenty of posts of nominations accepted with gibberish, so I would love to know if yours is accepted anyway.

Oh maybe you were thanking me for pointing you to a tool and I read that completely wrong. In that case, you are welcome.