Wayspot nomination immediately into regular voting

So I created 2 nominations in Ingress on the 17th, hit upload later and to be honest, forgot about them until yesterday. I sat down at my computer, fired up Ingress and uploaded them.

When I went to my contribution page they were listed as created on the 17th, and one of them immediately went into voting before I was able to edit the gibberish description that I put in as a placeholder.



If you use upload later, the so called Grace Period, a delay of the submission entering voting by the system, is already started, so it has already counted down by now. Meaning that such a late actual upload can lead to a situation like this as you went around the safety net of not going to voting yet by accident

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You learn something new every day…

Thanks for posting that this happened. I try to encourage everyone to submit with minimal acceptable text, even if they plan on editing in the Contributions page, just in case something like this happens. One time I did the edit, but it didn’t save, and my nomination was still accepted with the at least not gibberish description.

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You would think the number of times I have had things go into voting with gibberish descriptions would teach me a lesson.

But here we are…


I do the same. I also did not know this could happen. I frequently upload later and then do it at home and reload the contributions page to put it on hold to edit my text.
Thankfully none of my nominations that I haven’t put any details in have gone to voting right away! Would be funny for something to get my nomination with description: “stuff” and supporting information: “supp” :rofl:
When I am out with the kids or in trying not to look too awkward by myself on the road this is all I put in.

same story by me, sometimes i just dont have the time to do it at the moment. Than i upload them and i see few “in que” - obviously rejected becouse of description. And in the moment sad story, when they were done in some village fewer kilometers from me (sometimes i drive 20-30 km to small villages to do them few pokestops if its possible) and then i recieve this kind of suprise :frowning: