What is the best practice for reviewing location edits pointing to the same POI?

I’m relatively new to reviewing but I see so many location edits where both the possible options could be an acceptable location for the POI (E.g., 2 different sides of a tennis court or two different points on a baseball field). I’ve been selecting unable to find the appropriate location as selecting any one of the two choices does not seem right.

Additionally, I see certain location edits for trail markers and stuff in places where Google Street View won’t take me and Satellite View does not zoom in enough. I have again been selecting unable to find appropriate location for those but just wanted to check in on this.

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Unable to find is my most frequent review as well. If there is one that interferes less with people playing the sport, like from the center of a tennis court, to the side, then I choose that one.


I would choose the best and safest place to stand undisturbed. It is also worth noting that for Ingress you also want to be able to stand on the exact location of the Wayspot so that you easily can knock out your opponents portal. :sunglasses:


For me, I would tend to prefer the point that is the most difficult to reach from a car. I really hate “cargressing” (playing Ingress from a car), so, all other things being equal, one the requires getting out of a vehicle. That said, also keep in mind some of the other criteria such as “entrance over the middle of an area”. (That would trump my distaste for cargressing.) Otherwise, just choose one and move on.

For those where you can’t tell, sometimes I’ll look up the existing spot on the Ingress Intel map and if I can find it, I’ll select the existing spot. If you skip it, it’ll stay in the queue. I’m not sure what happens if you select “unable to find”. But, if you explicitly select the existing location, that will help reject the move. Then the player can appeal the move and have a chance to provide the additional evidence we might like to see. There are a few topics on wishing the games had the ability to submit additional info on edits like we do on initial nominations. But, until something like that happens, I personally feel it is better to let the edit reject early so they can appeal sooner (this applies to any edit, not just moves).

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you can only know which is the current location if you are using tools. i think that if enough people choose “unable to find” then the edit is rejected. but i do wish i knew that for sure.

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Yeah I have been using tools to know the original location

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Niantic has said that for large objects, choose the “point of discovery” (for example the sidewalk to the thing), and do NOT choose a place that would interfere with the expected use of the thing (for example the middle of the field, playground, etc).

But when neither of those apply, and you can’t tell with streetview, satellite, or closely inspecting the Wayspot’s picture - yes, choose “unable to find”. That will count as a vote to keep it the same.

Moving a Waypoints even a few centimeters affects Ingress fielding. That’s why Niantic leans toward keeping rather than moving. And why they consider it abuse to move to benefit one game - it could harm another game.


it doesn’t break links anymore

  • Minor location edits to Portals in Niantic Wayfarer will not break connected Links, and neutralizing the moved Portal will neutralize those previously-created Links. (Previously-created Links will remain at their original locations until the moved Portal is neutralized.)
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It still affects fielding:


And links do appear to still break under certain circumstances. (I haven’t checked, but I imagine they are ones that make sense, like if links would end up crossing.)

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I have fielding plans for multiple places. If you move a portal within there, my plans will no longer work.

Then again… maybe crossing is legit: