Nominations Stuck?

Ive had two nominations stuck in voting for more than two weeks now. Both are upgraded. Usually in my area without an upgrade they take 4-7 days. Upgrades are usually like two days. So definitely seems like they’re stuck. Anything I can do?

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I have a theory about why things are taking so long recently because I’ve noticed it too.

The recent challenged absolutely tanked everyone’s Wayfinder rating. I went from Great to Fair overnight and it happened to a lot of other people too. I think because everyone’s rating is so low it’s taking longer for submissions to get approval or rejection.

The challenge did not tank everyone’s rating, but it did have a clear impact on some.
There is often a lull after the frenetic activity of a challenge everyone eases back.
So there may well be a mixture of factors making some parts sluggish.

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Interesting. This is the first time I did enough reviews in a challenge for the highest tier of rewards and my rating is just fine. I wonder if it’s more so reviewer fatigue.


Update: one of my two stuck nominations have gone through and been approved. The one that went into voting a couple days later is still in voting so I think voter fatigue is likely the case.

This has already been reported here: