Multiple POI - Same Cells / Daycare

Hello, i need some information about POI’s in the same S2 17 Cells. Is this now possible?

I have placed the exact coordinates in pogomap to check if they were in the same cell.

See Examples Below:

“Buurthuis Meenten & Grienden”

POI1 “Buurthuis Meenten & Grienden”
(52.3367524, 5.2367784)

POI2 “Kinder Zwerfboek Station Kolkgriend”
52,33696° N, 5,23648° O

Also, POI1 is also a childs daycare, which is also used as community centre is this allowed?

Situation 2: These can allmost touch eachother.

52,33941° N, 5,23890° O

52,33956° N, 5,23890° O

Trying to understand the guidelines here. Any info is appriciated.

Under normal circumstances this isn’t possible. However, a few years back there was an oversight with the system where location edits did not get checked against the proximity rules, so moving a wayspot that appeared in Pokémon Go into an already occupied cell would result in the cell having two wayspots in Pokémon Go. This was not intended behaviour, and when people started abusing it, Niantic fixed it so that location edits do get checked against the cell rules.

However, they didn’t retroactively clean up any areas that had multiple stops per cell, unless there was clear evidence of abuse going on, so places where legitimate location edits resulted in two Pokéstops per cell were allowed to remain as they were, with the caveat that if either stop in a cell with two stops gets edited, that will cause the cell to update to conform with the rules, meaning the edited stop will vanish from Pokémon Go.

In your first example, if the primary use of the building is as a daycare, then it should be removed.

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Thank you for the detailed and quick response.

So it can be called luck i guess.

I reported the daycare POI through the Pogo App. I hope it is obvious since i cannot give any explanation within the app.

The others i will leave as it is.