Can multiple spots or gyms exist in the same Level 17 cell today?

I saw some nomination around a park in Hiroshima around 34.351932, 132.295444 and noticed that multiple pois exist in the same Level 17 S2 cell here. When my nomination was approved last year the new poi did not appear in Pokemon Go because of cell rule. Maybe appeared in Ingress. Did Niantic add new rule about multiple poi in the same cell?

There should not be multiple Pokemon Go game locations in the same L17 S2 cell from submissions through Wayfarer. Sponsored locations can break these rules. Niantic rarely discusses these rules, but from other posts on this forum they are in the process of cleaning up places where the “density” isn’t right.

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Each game, Pokémon, Ingress, pikmon etc. has it’s own rule set on what can go where. However any submission can end up in any game. Even if you submitted through Pokémon Go it doesn’t guarantee it will appear in-game even if accepted

As far as I am aware Pokémon can have 1 only per S2 cell. 1 exception to this rule is sponsored gyms or stops.

I believe ingress can have more as I have seen 2 ingress portals alongside a Pokestop while reviewing. (They are actual portals, I verified them with an ingress player)

From our local area, all present Pokestops are also ingress portals as far as I am aware.

You should be able to find the rules if you Google them or someone here should be able to point you to an explanation as this comes up quite a bit. I think this is the link that may help you:

[Why was my Pokestop/Gym/Portal/Flower/Mushroom (etc) removed?]

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