Two POI in a singular level 17 S2 cell

Here is the link to my original post, I hadn’t realized at the time that this may be a bug, and not just my own misunderstanding of the mechanics:

(Gym location edit question)

My question is: when a correction to a POI moves it into a level 17 S2 cell that already has a legitimate POI, what happens?

I submitted a location edit and the wayfarer community reviewed and approved it. Now, one level 17 S2 cell has TWO POIs, and an entirely NEW POI (which already existed in Ingress) popped up in the now-empty level 17 S2 cell.

None are sponsored, btw.

It’s been over a week - probably more like 10 days - since the move occurred.

Thanks in advance for any insights!

I know this is an issue with Pokemon Go not updating correctly, but is a result of a move through Wayfarer, so looks like the teams need to get together and see where the issue is occurring. That original post had many people saying that the gym staying live in Pokemon Go when it no longer meets the algorithm is the behavior they have come to expect.

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Alright - it appears to have been resolved! Only one POI exists in that cell now.

Don’t y’all just love how this happens just as it’s starting to get interesting? :laughing:

Anyway, here’s the resolution:
Edit submitted May 30;
Edit approved June 22, resulting in 2 POIs in the same level 17 S2 cell;
Sync occurred July 1, removing 1 of the POIs.

9 calendar days, or 5 full work days.