My local building is called "abuse"

Titel: De kombuis
Beschrijving: De kombuis is een openplek, waar vaak muziek en andere open dagen worden gehouden. Er zit een bibliotheek en andere activiteiten.
Locatie: De Schutsluis 13, 8255 HT Swifterbant, Nederland
Aanvullende informatie: Het MFC Swifterbant (De Kombuis) is geopend! - Gemeente Dronten Een recreatie plek binnen en ook buiten. Hier worden vaak grotere bijeenkomst gehouden voor gespreken, muziek of gewoon een gesprek
The reason its not accepted is abuse.

Translate isnt working for me, but am I right that this is a library? In which case I woul definitely resubmit or appeal since libraries are great places to explore and learn and are definitely good places for a waypoint!

An exception would be if its a school library catering only for under 18s, but as long as it’s not only for children then I can’t see why it would not be accepted.

I will try to translate some and explain the building, this “De kombuis” is a place were there is an library and a gathering place “meerpaal” thats a community that organises many activities in swifterbant and surrounding places music and more.
Also this was the second time :frowning:

There is a known translation bug in the forums with some languages, but I did translate it with Google Translate:

Title: The galley
Description: The galley is an open space, where music and other open days are often held. There is a library and other activities.
Location: De Schutsluis 13, 8255 HT Swifterbant, Netherlands
Additional information: The MFC Swifterbant (The Galley) is open! - Municipality of Dronten A recreational area indoors and outdoors. Larger gatherings are often held here for conversations, music or just a conversation
The reason its not accepted is abuse.

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Yeah given the translation I really cant see why that isn’t being accepted? It sounds ideal as a community space.

So, I don’t know why this was rejected as abuse, other than the fact that Street View for parts of this area are from 2016, and what is from 2023 shows the construction in this area… The email you received for the rejection, did it say “our team” or “our community” made the decision?

I would recommend improving on the supporting photo, showing more of the area, since this isn’t on Street View. Otherwise, this is a good submission to me.