My stop was rejected but I can't remove it? will it effect the time it takes for my others to be reviewed

as I said its been rejected from late last year, I appealed and it was rejected again but there’s no option to delete it and its been a month or so. I have other ones to be reviewed but I don’t know if they will review while the rejected one is still there and theres no options to remove it or do anything with it. What do I do? do I have to just wait a long while for the others to be reviewed?

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Don’t worry. Your nominations that have been rejected have no impact on anything. They won’t slow down any others.


If you are talking about your contributions page, this is totally normal. The history of everything you have ever nominated will always stay there, it’s a contributions management page after all. There is nothing to do about it and you don’t need to try to remove it from this page, it’s not possible. This will not affect your future nominations going forward and you can have multiple things nominated or in review at the same time.

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Ah I see, thanks but whats the general time before the other ones get reviewed its been since January when I uploaded three other nominations but nothing.

thats good to hear thanks for the confirmation

I can’t tell you, especially without being familiar with your area. It varies wildly by location and some changes are currently in motion which made review times dramatically faster in some cases. In the past community review could and still can take years, but I don’t think (and I hope) this won’t be the case for yours. The only correct answer to this is “between a few hours and a few years”, and yes I realize it is not helpful :slight_smile:

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no no its very helpful I’m still new to this and I live on a small island with few stops and gyms so when I did my first one it was reviewed and accepted within 2 weeks so I was worried something was wrong because its been a couple months since I posted more but like your saying it may take alot longer for the others.

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No worries at all! At this time, nothing to be concerned about, I think.

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