Why has my contribution for a new spot not been reviewed?

It’s been a month and my contribution hasn’t been reviewed? Am I doing something wrong?

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Are you willing to share a screenshot of your nomination from Contribution Management?

No. Depending on the area you live in your turnaround time can vary between a week or two, to a couple of months.

Wayfarer requires a lot of patience, the team is working towards knocking down the turnaround times globally but in some areas it takes longer than others.

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These are my oldest at the moment at three months. About a year ago these would have sat in queue for 7 months then been in voting for about the same amount of time.

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some places take a long time to get reviewed


I would die…

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This is a great example of how much of a difference 50 km can make.

One accepted in about a week
One still in queue from November

Exactly, which is why I asked if they were willing to share a screenshot. They could be in an area that either doesn’t have many reviewers, or has a large number of submissions, or both. It would also be nice to know if they upgraded their nomination, but that hasn’t been working quite right, so really can’t trust those these days.

Is that middle picture a mailbox?

You should know me better than that lol

But you can see why I have never upgraded it.

And in posting it here, I see the article I linked has been taken down. It’s a really fun thing. Found the new link and fixed it: The Pink House Post | Downtown Cary, NC

lol i guess i can also edit out the instructions on how to exit street view now