Need help weeding out some incompetent reviewers

@aliccolo He doesn’t event mention which one is rejected. So Does it have domes in it? Or it is small to see in satelit view.

I am living in Indonesia, of course I am very detailed if I saw Mosque nomination. And I know all the concept of mosque located in my country.

And find many that is not showing “mosque-like” design in satellite view.

That is thoroughly incorrect. It is very much possible to correctly nominate and review nominations in countries or areas with no Street View at all.


Now tell me, are you the ones who are rejecting nominations just because they don’t have street view? Here, I’m forced to provide one example of them:

I never reviewed yours.

my hometown location in Depok and my bonus location is on my friends location in Bogor.

sometimes you dont know if that one is mosque of school or not. so i dont want to take a risk. If I cant see it by street view and then by satelite view as well. prefer I reject. thanks

From my experience, if this is India, then Mapillary has been a great alternative to Google Maps for street view.

Another one got rejected by similar reason, again…

@NianticAaron can you at least not ignore me just like what you did in old thread, and take action against those reviewers who incorrectly rejected nominations just because they can’t see them in street view? I’m happy to provide examples via DM.

@NianticAaron @NianticAtlas @NianticLC if you’re not interested to my topic then can you please close this thread instead? Thanks,

I recommend that you post your nominations in Nomination Support so that community can help you improve those.

Still not answering my query. Thanks,

Let me rephrase my comment that you actually didn’t acknowledge my frustration. My problem is that the reviewers are having issue when reviewing nominations without street view.

Improvements? Man, cut that #### ####. Read again this part:

Also I’ve tried to appeal some nominations, and they got accepted. Not to mention that I’ve resubmitted some nominations in order that Emily would review them instead or send them into Niantic voting, and all of them are accepted too.

Sure, you can ask me to improve my nominations but not the street view. Then here come the reviewers with this mindset:

what do you mean street unavailable? if there is not google street there is no valid evidence dude.

I told the reviewers that the building layout is visually distinct in satellite view if no street view available. Well, they are visually distinct just like the example I’ve provided here. And yet they didn’t read supporting information and just proceed to reject the nominations.

Just do something to those reviewers. I can provide more examples through DM if you want.


I get your frustration, maybe a suggestion, I downloaded a GPS camera app that puts the location superimposed on the photo. I’ve been using this for proof something is where it is when no street view is available and satellite is obstructed. Just a suggestion.

Supporting photo obviously.