Need help weeding out some incompetent reviewers

I’ve got frustrated lately because many of my recent nominations got rejected for Mismatched Location reason. The issue is that all rejected nominations didn’t have any street view. Reviewers have to use their best judgement to review location accuracy based on the photos compared to satellite view, but it looks like reviewers here can’t do that or actually don’t bother.

Before anyone come and ask “post nomination”, let me put some clarification here. First, all the nominations that got rejected are mosques (I mean, actual mosque buildings, and not praying rooms inside buildings). The mosques have either rooftop structure and/or domes that are visually distinct in satellite view. Also I’ve tried to appeal some nominations, and they got accepted. Not to mention that I’ve resubmitted some nominations in order that Emily would review them instead or send them into Niantic voting, and all of them are accepted too.

I’ve reported the reviewers through Help Chat, and Niantic replied with this:

They said that they’ll take action against those reviewers if required. Yet my nominations still got rejected by the same reasons after the report.

I really need further assistance to stop those reviewers to incorrectly reject my nominations just because street view is unavailable. I’m tired having to wait for certain duration to send another nomination appeal, or to use my nomination quota just to resubmit them one by one.

Have you checked the submissions to make sure they are actually in the correct place? I’ve had PoGo submit wayspots all in the same location as each other.

But, yes, from your description it should be easy to verify.

I did put nomination markers on the correct place. Some mosques also have their location details in Google Maps if that helps. Yet they’re still rejected.

Not my fault if street view is not available in nomination location.

How much do you write in the supplemental to explain the situation? Something like…

“There is no street view at this location. Please turn on satellite view. You will see the outline of the roof for this mosque. To the left is (x,y,z). To the right is tree cover. Pin is placed near the entrance to the mosque.”

One method is to make sure the supplemental shows something thst is very easy to see on the map. So if you can take a photo that shows a street sign with the name of the street, or the name of the building next door, or something. In that case, i sometimes ask them to tap on the second photo to enlarge it to see those names.

Another thing i’ve done is take photos from either direction and put them together in a collage to use as my secind photo. Then explain why i did that.

The other thing that got me one time was that the satellite view from Google in the game/reviewing system was NOT up to date. So while i was using the regular google map to make sure the gazebo could be seen on satellite, the view reviewers saw still showed something else in that spot. Its worth looking at the satellite view while you’re nominating to make sure its in sync with real Google


At minimum I told to the reviewers that street view is unavailable and the rooftop structures or domes or minarets/towers are visually distinct in satellite view. Although telling them to compare supporting photo and satellite view sounds a good idea.

But what if those reviewers would still reject them again?

Could you show us an example?


No, thank you :slight_smile:

Taking into account @patsufredo is an experienced Wayfinder and forum contributor- they know how the land lies with rejections and trying to improve, so I understand where they are coming from in wanting to give limited information.

I think that taking on board the suggestions and giving it another go is the best tactic.

Hopefully it will work. No one can predict exactly who will review it.
Perhaps a different photo and reworking of the text might help it along.
If not then an appeal.
Worry about the possibility of rejection if it happens.

I don’t understand a mosque getting rejected for location at all, street view or not! They tend to be very obvious on satellite, and are often marked on google maps when zoomed in… so I’m not sure what reviewers are doing there. I’d be frustrated too!

Hopefully an appeal would work… but that is a slow process and sometimes the appeals team don’t check things very well either.

If a mosque is not on Google maps, you can submit a request to add it. It should be visible in normal Google view within a day, but Niantic doesn’t pick up map updates daily, so it’ll be longer to get to reviewers

I just wanted to say this sounds super frustrating. Good luck and please keep at it! We are rooting for you🫡

Then there’s something more here…

It shouldn’t be due to lack of Street View as a direct link to the parcel’s ID from the county’s property appraiser should note the owner and its land use.

Dude. He’s not in the States

Sorry…I don’t think that was indicated here or seems it was partitioned off from an existing thread

It’s just something i know from the old forum. But it’s always good to keep in mind when you’re replying to people that they could be located anywhere in the world. Often, the language they use will tip you off, but not always.


Sometimes you can check, from an example, if the problem really lies with the reviewers or if there may have been some information that you have not taken into account. You have every right to refuse to give an example but it is more difficult to help this way. Good luck!

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Can I request Niantic to send my remaining nominations in-queue or in-voting into Niantic voting, please? If no action can’t be done to those skill-issue’d reviewers? If Niantic found that I’m the one wrong here then they can permaban my account instead.

I’m tired having my another nominations rejected in same reasons again…

Another one of my nomination got incorrectly rejected with same reason again…, however several nominations that were resubmitted went accepted by Emily yesterday.

Once again I won’t provide any photos here unless if any of you join Wayfarer Discussion Discord.

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what do you mean street unavailable? if there is not google street there is no valid evidence dude.

There are other maps available that can be used to confirm besides Street View. And as was said before, the domes of the mosques can be seen from satellite images.Others were labeled as being mosques on Google maps, there’s just not updated Street View in the area. Street View isn’t the only way to confirm a location is real. If it were, then nothing existing indoors could ever be a Wayspot, for example.

Anyways, best to luck to patsufredo! I hope the machine learning can resolve this. And if there is something off happening with the reviewers you’re getting, hopefully that gets sorted too.

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