Nene (as in river) is a banned word?

I live in the Nene Valley and any time I try to submit a pokestop I get either a title or description error. After some trial and error it appears to be the word ‘nene’ that’s the problem. If I remove the space between Nene and Way in the attached nomination it uploads perfectly fine but obviously is not a satisfactory solution.
With so many POI’s in my area related to the River Nene or Nene Way walking route this is extremely frustrating.
Can you advise why this word would be forbidden or can you remove the restriction?

I found some inappropriate uses for nene in Urban Dictionary, such as using it to call a female a bad b word, which seems to be the most frequent use on the site.

In Spanish, nene is typically used as a term of endearment towards a man, such as his girlfriend/wife calling him honey or baby in English. There is also a Hawaiian bird called nene. And yes, there is the River Nene in England.

So, while nene can have appropriate meanings, it does have an inappropriate meaning, which the system may have in its word filter.

Also Nene in Spanish means child. I didn’t know about this word being banned, I will add it to the Spanish banned words list I have been creatinf for the last months. Thank you!


Thanks for the prompt response. I cant think of any reasons why anyone would submit a pokestop using that word as a pejorative so banning it worldwide seems non-sensical especially when theres already a reporting facility within Wayfarer that people can use to report anything innapropriate. Frustrating!

So whats the solution here?

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It is also literally “boob” in French, y’all are welcome. At this time your best bet is unfortunately to submit without it, at least to get to the upload stage.


I will never look at the River Nene the same way again, knowing this information :joy:


Thanks but ‘Trail marker’ on its own is hardly exciting. Id imagine reviewers rejecting specifically for it not being ‘defined’.

For now I’ll just butt the words together and hope to get it edited/appealed at a later date

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Even if you put the words together, the word filter can detect it.

Uploaded fine now at least

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This is very frustrating, I know people have struggled with this same issue in the past, the word filter definitely needs changing.

You can use homoglyphs or omit the offending word, in this case it is the name of the actual trail so it would make a much less descriptive wayspot if you do the latter.

I’d recommend a more informative, unique title and description too, yours is very generic and can easily be confused for other, similar named markers.

And I didn’t know anything about River Nene before, but good thing I do now! :slight_smile:

This is indeed not a very good title, and I completely agree the filtering is dumb and frustrating in this case, but alternatively there are options beyond just “trail marker”. Road name, street name, area name. Even if your title was passing the filter, presumably there are more such markers around, so giving them distinct titles is a good idea in any case.

Putting a hyphen in can sometimes get it past the filter… for example:

Not ideal though.

If you don’t know the river, it’s either pronounced “Nenn” or “Neen” depending where you are along it. According the Wikipedia, the point where it changes is suggested to be Thrapston…

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Are those little birds also offensive? Nice :roll_eyes:

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They’re not very little. They’re geese!

(They are pronounced Nay Nay)

I meant the Long-Tailed-Tits … with the hyphens, because I’m sure the 3rd word is probably also banned :laughing:

Long-Tailed-Tits was accepted.

The Scunthorpe filter that is used in-game works differently for different potential swearwords, some are forbidden anywhere they fall in a word, some are more nuanced… lots of English words contain “t*t” so it would get in the way all the time.

Frankly, I think it’s silly and frustrating and the review process should weed out anything offensive.