New gym not appearing with 6th POI


Please know that I understand the way Wayfarer works when it comes to new gyms.

In a specific S14 cell, one of my nominations was approved that resulted in the cell having 6 POI, which means one of the existing pokestops should have turned into a new gym. For me, new gyms are important for the community engagement of the game. However, no new gym appeared.

Are there currently any synchronization issues preventing the creation of new gyms? Is there anybody I can contact that can help resolve this issue? I don’t want my problem to be misinterpreted.

Unfortunately, there’s not. This is on the PGO team, but they don’t answer queries about sync issues.

What did you use to check cells? Some methods are less accurate.

Whilst this isn’t really a Wayfarer issue, can you provide the coordinates of the Level 14 S2 Cell in question?

I appreciate your willingness to listen.

The coordinates of the existing gym is :


Note: it contains a sponsored gym, a McDonald’s, when viewing it on Campfire, but it was to my understanding sponsored gyms do not impact the number of POI to make a new gym.

Sponsored locations behave slightly weirdly when it comes to the regular proximity and gym creation rules in Pokémon Go. They conform to some rules, but bend or break other rules.

In this case, the sponsored Gym at McDonald’s is counted as the second Gym in the cell.

If that Gym had been added to the cell when it already had the natural maximum of 3 Gyms, then it would’ve functioned as a fourth Gym. In that sense it could break the normal rules. However, as the cell was not at the natural maximum, it counts towards that maximum.


Thank you for your explanation. Much appreciated .