New pokestop in free S2 cell not appearing after over a week

the wayfarer help just gave me generic response

Looks like “ Viršuliškių parkelio Bibliotekėlė” is just inside the same S2 level 17 cell.

i have literally attached a screenshot from ingress map that shows “playground area” is the only thing in that cell, it was empty before the nomination was made…

Intel map doesn’t show all Wayspots in the database.


Note that the Ingress map only shows wayspots eligible for Ingress, and that these have an exclusion radius and a (more or less) daily sync. There could therefore very well be something in that dark circle around the two Ingress portals on your screenshot (including the one cut off to the right, which I strongly suspect is what is happening, with the little free library @Leedle95 mentioned above likely landing exactly inside of the border of that dark circle and appearing in Pokémon GO and preventing your wayspot from meeting this game’s inclusion rules) or another reason would be something appearing in Pokémon GO which hasn’t synced to Ingress yet. Your best bet when nominating in Pokémon GO on-site is to check the duplicate map in the nomination flow (which of course is currently bugged for some non-English system locales but should work in English), all wayspots in a restricted range around you should be visible there. Despite that it is still possible that someone will have better luck with their turnaround time and will have something approved that prevents your nomination from meeting Pokémon GO or Ingress or another game’s inclusion rules. That can be disappointing but that is how the games chose to implement it.

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Lock this thread?

Will do.

Troll games from the Ambassador :slight_smile:

I believe this IS a wayfarer related question because someone from the team could confirm if the area has been geo-blocked by the property owner. @edvinas is there a pokestop (or gym) between here and your playground? That does appear to be the answer.

Not all Wayspots appear on the Intel map.

um, that is correct, and is why i asked if there was a pokestop between the portals.

It has already been answered.

not by the op to confirm that is what happened

The op is asking about S2 cells. Are those Wayfarer related?

I have had a bugged nomination not appear in pogo that did appear in ingress. This only happened once, and it was my knowledge of S2 cells that convinced them something was wrong, which the Wayfarer team then corrected.

Can you give me official confirmation from Niantic that S2 cells exist?

Otherwise you are giving out inaccurate information.

Just jumping in. There is a wayspot in the same S2 cell.


Could you lock this thread please as it is full of inaccurate information.

Filled with inaccurate information? Can you elaborate? The entire forum is filled with discussions about where wayspots are located and if they share S2 cells. Are you suggesting we shut all that down?

What is an S2 cell?