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Hello, I am playing Niantic games and I have seen people like the one in the subject line. I think we should tell them the postage and addresses of the offices in each country, but if possible, I would like a format to make the process smoother. Thank you for your consideration.

Did you forget to include a screen shot? I have no idea what you’re trying to report.

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I am currently in discussion with the landowner regarding the applicants who are illegally trespassing. The landowner does not trust me. I may be able to submit images of the illegal trespassers, but the landowner has stopped me from submitting the facilities. It has also been removed from Google Maps. It all started when I unknowingly trespassed on a wayspot.

Of course, this is the address to send letters to in Japan. I confirmed that the Tokyo office does not respond.

This is the removal form:

They do not take requests per mail


That’s right. I can’t send it without an email address. I can’t get through to you.They are like the Amish in America. Do you understand?

You can still reach out on behalf of the owner using your email address. You should be able to include further information including a way to contact the property owner. You can also use the help chat on the Wayfarer homepage to try and get a response from Niantic.

The property owners need to contact themselves.

You can ask the property owner to use the below Webform and it will create a request with us:

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Going back to my first question, please tell me what items are required to be attached. I’m trying to somehow consolidate it into an A4 sheet of paper so that it can be included in the attachment. I’ve tried several times but it hasn’t been approved.