No medal given

I compleated 500 points but no medal???

Pgo updates lag by a little bit. They also dont accrue if your rating is nit good or great.

Hi @Heartfinder and congratulations on achieving the 500-review level! Challenge rewards are rolled out in bulk some time after the conclusion of the event, and not in real time. If you’re looking for the OPR Live Medal, that’s when it will show up! If looking for a Wayfarer medal level in Pokemon Go, or the Recon medal in Ingress, please note that those two medals are based on Agreements, not simply number of reviews - so one would need to wait until the things you reviewed have reached a final decision before any agreements are added to your medal counts.


It’s not automated, it will be send out 2-3 weeks later

Wayfarer Badge progress in Pogo usually syncs a day later with however many new agreements you have