Wayfarer Challenge Reward Update

Hello Explorers,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there has been a delay in processing and distributing the rewards to all eligible Explorers. Our team is working diligently to resolve the issues and ensure that all eligible participants receive their well-earned rewards as soon as possible. We expect to resolve this by the end of the day today.

Moreover, we identified an issue with OPR Live Badge Ticks that is causing some eligible Agents to not receive these.

If you do not receive the reward codes or the OPR Live Badge Tick by the end of the day today, please respond to this message and we will look into the issue.

We regret the delay and inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience.



Baker Island time? Niantic Universal Time? Local time?

Appreciate the notification. I’ve assumed end of the day in San Fransisco time when I’ve shared the message but feel free to correct me.


Niantic runs on Pacific time in the US, so I would also assume that it will be by the end of the day there. If you remember the challenge, it ran on Pacific time for the start and end times.


I have not received any reward code emails. I did over 50 reviews so I should get the community rewards. This happens every challenge. Im not sure why I dont get the emails, I get regular emails from wayfarer.

I have received my email containing the codes but have yet to receive the second point on my OPR badge.(Mystrtychef1989) If this can be adjusted correctly that would be smashing. Cheers

Je n’ai pas reçu le mail avec le code mais bien le +1 sur la médaille.

not received the OPR BADGE

Hi, I havn’t received my reward code.

Haven’t received both


Hi, I didn’t receive my medal in the Ingress, even if you get the required 500 points

No he recibido el correo con los códigos

I got the email, no badge tick.

So that means two badge ticks right, because the trouble? :wink:


Hi I still haven’t received my reward codes. Thank you.

I have not received my OPR Live badge. I did over 540 reviews during challenge.

Not received +1 to OPR Live badge

Hello Wayfarer Team,

I’ve got the OPR-BADGE several days ago,
but still NO E-Mail with any passcodes received.

Thnx for any information I can get.

Hi wayfarer team. I have not yet received any mail for rewards. I had completed 500+ reviews.