No more existing PokeStop

Hello. The area where the “Lilla Haga Fotbollsplan” and “Haga Fotbollsplan” was don’t exist any more. The whole area is now a building place for the new police station i Borlange, Sweden, with a new house and parking place. So I don’t understand why this report, to delete this two PokeStop, is rejected?

Yours s Roger

Hi, if you want to appeal a decission maybe you can start by sharing the rejection email and all the information requested for the appeals ^^


I’d recommend reporting again using in-game features. Map views / satellite images may not be up to date for cross-referencing the review yet.

You can also file a report form, and attach evidence of those stops no longer existing. The inclusion of a new police station also makes the ghost waysports obstruct an emergency service too, so you’ve got 2 cases to report on.

I personally have had very strange interactions with the report feature. With legitimate stops meeting criteria being reported for ‘abuse’, which after I disputed it changed to ‘no safe access’ which was incorrect. I’ve also reported stops in genuinely dangerous locations obstructing medical bays, which still exist. The system seems broken to me.

Hello again. This is how this “restricted area” looks like today and gonna look in spring 2026. So as you see there is no possibility to go into this tea to visit the two PokeStop I wrote about.

tisdag 23 april 2024 skrev Luke L007 via Niantic Wayfarer <>:

@chippendalejoe It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted via the Scanner; at this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.