No "Submit and finish reviewing" option for first four questions in the new review flow

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It has been long enough for the tinkering with the new review flow to be done and we still don’t have this option for the rejection questions. Example from hovering over the submit button for a photo edit:

Safe and Permanent and Distinct have a “Select no and end” option, but it doesn’t end the review session, just that review:

Appropriate and Accuracy only have the “Submit” button:

No option to “Submit and finish reviewing” comes up when hovering over these buttons.

I know it is okay to just stop reviewing, but I think I lose the opportunity to ever see that review again if it loads and I don’t review it.


Yeah, this is very annoying.

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I always assumed that meant finish reviewing the review you are on - I never considered it might mean come out of the review system!

You are correct, that is what it does mean. Since I have been reviewing for a LONG time, I expected to have a “Submit and finish reviewing” option when I hover over either of those kind of “Submit” buttons. And I don’t.

Gotcha! I guess Niantic see it as unnecessary when you can just “stop”. But for some of us that’s actually quite hard as we feel we have to do the next if it is there in front of us.

i got a notification that @NianticAaron had done something on this post but i don’t understand what. Oh added “not a bug”?

Well thanks for letting me know that not being able to end a review session is “working as intended” :confounded:

I guess you want us to mark everything as duplicate or accept it so that we will get the “Submit and finish reviewing” option.

Sorry @NianticAaron, I’m going to respectfully disagree that this is not a bug. This is something the ambos have been asking for since the new review flow came out. I have no intention of ceasing that request. It is a bug that the programmers forgot to put this function on all the Submit buttons. All the Submit buttons should function the same but they do not.


This could be a feature request but not a bug.

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It may be a little “too behind the curtain” to discuss openly, but ambos have had an open ticket for this for a year. So, yes, I do consider it a bug. We had it on the old system and no one can explain why it was removed from the new flow.

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I can’t find a “Feature Request” section. Could you please point me to it? I would like for all the “Submit” buttons to have the same “Submit and finish reviewing” option.

Prior to the overhaul of the review system, every button that let you complete a review had this option. Now when you approve a nomination or mark it as duplicate you still have the option, but when rejecting for one of the first 4 categories you don’t. This seems to me like it was just overlooked and someone on the team used the wrong button for the four new rejection dialogs, by that reasoning it would be a bug.

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Potato, potato (dang this doesnt work in text form huh?)… but did you forward the feedback to the team :sweat_smile: plz and thank you.


I could hear this text in my mind. So, mission accomplished.

Every feedback, including this one, is shared with the team.


yes it does work in text form, /ˌpəˈteɪtoʊ ˌpəˈtɑːtoʊ/