Question - Could someone give me some advice?

I just noticed something thanks to the very welcome new update to the contributions page. (Well done Niantic on adding this much needed addition) While looking through some submissions today I noticed 1 single submission that seems to have been repeated multiple times even though I only entered it once.

It was an edit to a title. It seems to have been repeated 4 times on top of the original submission. Obviously the 4 repeats were rejected (as the original was passed) but it has left me with 4 rejected which I’m afraid might effect my rating.

Is this something that could be looked into? I haven’t posted the details yet as I don’t want to clutter the post until I get some advice.

Only thing I can remember was on the day I submitted the edit was I had a drop in gsm service and it took a long time to actually submit.

I wouldn’t even have known it happened but for the new welcome update to the contributions page.


your wayfarer rating is based on your reviews, not your submissions.

i also want the ability to withdraw edits, and also have submitted the same one multiple times due to glitches or forgetfulness. but no worries for your rating.


Thanks for clarifying @cyndiepooh

Yes I would love if they added the ability to remove. I presume it was the signal drop that caused the multi enter as I only ever submit once.

Thank you for the speedy reply also btw. :+1:

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There are also multiple of mine that appear to be duplicated, triplicated or quadruplicated, and for these I only ever got 1 email. Many other people have reported this too.
Not sure at this time if this is a visual bug or something else (I’ve not seen any of these being in divergent voting status, for example), but either way this has been reported from our end. Don’t worry about this being considered abusive in any way.


I am moving this to Bug Reports & Technical Support as this is something that needs looking into.


Thanks a mill @Xenopus . Just cautious due to people getting warnings about old submissions. If it helps with diagnosis it seems to happen because of a drop in service at the time of the submission. Like a lag issue that is somehow causing a loop at the point where the submit button is pressed. (Don’t know if this helps but hopefully it might aid in speeding up a fix/patch)

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Just in response to the email side. I did receive multiple emails but taught they were just an error so didn’t really think about it at the time.

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Oh actually mine had multiple emails too, didn’t notice because of Gmail bundling them at first.
I wouldn’t worry, if that helps alleviate any concerns I’ll be just as banned because of that. It’s clearly an ongoing bug.

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