Nomination Approved, Wayspot Not in Game

Not sure if it’s a bug, but my nomination was approved over 2 months ago and still is not in the game.

Your nomination is both within 20 meters of and the same level 17 s2 cell as “Freed’s Dessert Shop”


Nominations approved go into Niantic Lightship, which is a database of all Wayspots (points of interest) that may be used in Niantic games. Pokémon GO chooses what to include from that database and restricts it to a only 1 per a set “grid” size pattern. In your case, this is too close to the “Freed’s Dessert Shop” PokéStop/Gym. There is unfortunately no way for you to have both included on the map.

It is not a bug but an intended feature from the Pokémon GO dev team to reduce congestion on the game board.