Why do pokestops get accept then not show up

Then pokestops say they are in other niantic games…

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Despite the nomination text in app, we are submitting wayspots and may still be subject to the inclusion rule used by the app of choice. Consider looking up what inclusion rule is applied to your game of choice if this is your goal for the moment.

I emphasize that these inclusion rules and the Wayfarer criteria are mutually exclusive from each other.

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There are distances to respect and, for example, in Pokemon go there is a max number or pokestop for area

I dont believe that for a max number of pokestops, a town 30 minutes away has pokestops sitting on top of each other and in the middle of the road. But my area can’t get a few extra pokestops to show up when they are accept. And spaced out.

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If you haven’t already I would definitely familiarise yourself with how the rules work for whichever game you are playing.

This might help?


It might not seem intuitive but although Wayfarer and the Lightship map are connected to other Niantic products it also exists outside of those products.


How were you allowed to post that? :rofl:
I did that before and received a warning. I would love to know. I just figured I needed to be vague and instead tell people to search it online.

I’ve never had a problem linking to that site :thinking:

Oh just me then. I do feel special :smile:

Edit: Oh I looked through the history of notifications and didn’t look at what comment it was attached to. It was because I was commenting about the plaque at Strawberry Hill that the OP referenced as boring and said yes they should nominate it. But that sentence likely sounded rude to the bot since it was automatically hidden.