Wayfarer approved the nominated spot but it’s no where to be found in the game

So around May of 2024 which was few months ago I noticed they approved this one spot in a public park called the buttery fly garden… it’s approved but we’re on July 2024 and it’s no where found in the Pokémon go game… is there a reason why something like that happened? Also it happened to few other locations too

Despite the nomination text in app, we are submitting wayspots and may still be subject to the inclusion rule used by the app of choice. Consider looking up what inclusion rule is applied to your game of choice if this is your goal for the moment.

Welcome @RichyGoh
It is likely that it hasn’t met Pokémon Go selection rules based on the density of stops/gyms.
If you can provide the title and location we can check to see if that is what the issue is.

It’s because of this @RichyGoh

S2 cells

Niantic refuse to acknowledge or tell their users about this so it leads to the absurd situation of players trying to help add Wayspots (Pokestops) and being met with frustration at the system and radio silence from Niantic who are happy to wipe their hands of the situation and let other players and Ambassadors do their dirty work.