Nomination got rejected as being a duplicate

There are different signs like this on the tree trail in Philips Park so to name them specifically to where they are is what I tried to do to differentiate them.

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This is what your nomination was marked as a duplicate of. Don’t know if that’s of any use to you, but thought I’d post it anyway.


Yeah these are two separate signs, its why i named them two totally different things.

I don’t understand why that was marked as a duplicate… seems painfully obvious they’re two separate trail markers

They both have tree trail in the name and are maybe 20 feet apart?

I dont know why were they marked as duplicates

It’s so hard to tell. Especially with the same name and being that close.

The name, proximity to each other and Tree trail sign being the same probably didn’t help.

If the first was named Phillips Park Circular Walk with a close up of that marker and the second Tree Trail I don’t think there would have been an issue.


I admit to this in the current circumstance.

They look like there are almost on top of each other and they have the same name and sign.

You might as well throw some rats in a barrel and ask reviewers to sh0ot them.

I’d say poor rats, but… nevermind

I’m not disagreeing with you. I would have looked and accepted it.

I’m just saying reviewers saw the other similar markers nearby with similar names and took the easy option since finding another reason to reject would involve thinking.

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I’m not sure which games you play @PinkSpot98 but

You could appeal or resubmit. If you really, really want the marker to show on the map I guess you could add a picture to the existing one of Philips Circular Walk Marker like this

Then edit the title to remove Tree Trail then resubmit your Tree Trail marker.
It seems like a lot of hassle for something you may not get to use.