Nomination Rejection Help


I’m rather new to Wayspot nominations. I tried once before when the feature was released and haven’t tried again until now. I would like some insight on why this nomination was rejected and if possible the link to Wayspot criteria help articles for future nominations. See attached photos please.

Pokestop Title: Pine Hollow Fountain

Description: Enjoy the calming splash of the pine hollow fountain while walking the neighborhood path.

Supplemental Information: Many neighbors and guests enjoy walking the path that goes by the pond or fishing from the shore banks. Whether doing one of these or something of the like, everyone surely enjoys the pine hollow fountain.

Location: 41018280, -85288091

Rejection Reason: Our team found it did not meet the criteria required to be accepted and has been rejected. This decision could be because of the title, description, location, photo, or a combination of criteria. For future nominations, please review our Wayspot criteria help articles to learn more about what makes a good Wayspot.

Thank you for the help.

Welcome! Wayfarer takes a little bit of getting used to.

First, submissions meed to meet one of 3 criteria, a great place to:

  • be social
  • exercise
  • explore

Often water fountains fall under the explorer criterion.

However, we don’t stop there. We also have to evaluate if there are reasons that would make this ineligible. There are quite a few issues that can make something ineligible. What you’re facing here is not having Safe Pedestrian Access.

You must be able to safely stand right at the POI to touch it. This is located in the middle of a pond. You would need to be able to walk on water to touch it.

To go a little deeper into this particular nomination, many people call these fountains. But, in reality, they are pond aerators. The function the serve is to provide air to the pond and keep the water moving. It reduces the likelihood that retention ponds like this will turn into breeding grounds for mosquitos and other things neighborhoods don’t want.

You can read more about pond aerators here