Nomination that will be appealed

In my area, people are lovers of plaques and graffiti, but they have little interest in historical buildings that don’t have their history reflected in a thousand plaques, or in good restaurants and gyms that are unique to the city and are not part of a chain or franchise. These latter examples will always be rejected.

If I’m not mistaken, cafes (like the classic milkshake cafes, perfect for lunch and socializing all afternoon), unique restaurants (like Chinese restaurants with their decorations and dragons on the doors), and local gyms are good nominations as long as they have some history behind them.

My question on this matter is: Knowing that my nomination will be rejected and I’ll appeal directly, should I approach the nomination details differently, or just cross my fingers and hope that the Niantic reviewer accepts it?

Give a really good supporting statement as to why you think it should be accepted.

If it gets rejected and you appeal it, Niantic will see all of that anyway - and you can add additional info to explain why you think it would be a good POI in response to the rejection.

But I would always in the first instance go for trying to get the community to accept it!

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