Nominations Dissapearig

  • Description of the issue:
    I have had this happen twice now, once a few weeks ago, most recently, Sunday May 5th. I made a nomination and tried uploading after I finished writing it. It lagged and timed out. I then hit Upload Later.

When I went into my nomination management I hit upload and watched it complete and clear the management page.

I didn’t receive an email from it and checked my contrabutions page and it wasn’t there either. It did take the nomination from my nomination count.

This happened a few weeks ago too but I forget which day.

-Samsung S23 ultra
-Ingress current and updated app.

Hey @AgentX1976,
Thank you for the report.
I see that the submission in question was not processed completely. This could have been due to the network issue you described.
I also see that the same Mural was submitted an hour later and has been approved. Does this approved Wayspot show in your contribution management?

Yes it does. I just had to submit again so taking another potential nomination.

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From what it looks like, the upload did not go through due to the network issue. I understand this is inconvenience and should not happen. Having said that, I would consider it an aberration at the moment.

Thank you for your assistance with this investigation. Let me know if this repeats and we’ll look further.


@NianticAaron if you can check this one, I belive it was the other one that it happened to me as well. I can’t remember exactly which day I originally submitted it on (maybe April 20th or 21st)

The 24th is when I noticed it hadn’t uploaded. Thanks

I see the same status. The upload was not successful.

So, maybe not, then?