Northern lights wayspot photos?

Did anyone get any wayspot photos this past weekend with the northern lights? I’m too far south to see them. I would like to see them sometime.

No Wayspot photos unfortunately, it was too dark :slight_smile: . I did manage to see them this far down in the sarf which was fortunate. Fam took a trip to Dunbar and saw more but again no Wayspots :frowning:

They maybe could have submitted this whatever it is…


Next time I’m home I’ll take a trip out to the birthplace of John Muir and add it.

I’ve got 2 submissions with aurora from last year, and 3 photo edits. 2 photo edits from a local show in March.

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Honestly I was far too excited to even open my game that evening!

I have some gorgeous potential rejections (joking) for what is a very nice scenic viewpoint that I’m sure actually does have a waypoint for the area…





Absolutely amazing colours there!! We got sooooo lucky to see them from across the UK

I was astounded that I could see the lights with the naked eye just 25 mins outside of Reading (South East UK), and could even photograph them with a view over the town when I got home, facing South West! Our area is very light polluted

Um, i just totally stole that first one and set it as my phone wallpaper.


Oh please do!!! I spent quite some time taking pictures of that tree.

I’m considering how to use these in my living room, whether to choose my favourite and get a large print made, or a collection of prints of several of the best.

A large print is probably going to be out of focus. But these look great on mobile.

Ive got a 75cm square print off my old old old phone before… and I have a 1mx75cm print from my old Huawei Mate 20 pro which had a comparable camera to this phone (it was soooo ahead of its time that phone)

Now you’ve got me interested… yeah so the guidance says they may be a little out of focus on the largest sizes but dropping down a little, theres no warning about quality. Maybe I can do 3 in a row, something like that.

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Not this part of the UK :roll_eyes:

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If there was more light pollution, then you needed your camera set to night mode to catch the lights on Friday - you couldn’t just see them by looking at the sky in the whole uk, but the cameras picked them up really well.

You can check your light pollution levels on this website: and then plan a location you could get to that has lower levels. My images were from a location shaded yellow ie definitely not the best, but much better than my house which is on the edge of purple which is the worst!

If you’re interested then download the aurorawatchuk app and it will buzz your phone when there is a chance to see the lights from the uk. This autumn will still be a great chance to see them.

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