Not Accepted, Other Rejection Criteria Abuse What does this mean for me?

Title: JAARS Disc Golf Course Hole #1 Launchpad
Description: Starting point and navigational sign for the 1st hole of the JAARS Disc Golf Course.
Supplemental information: This rural disc golf course is a great way to socialize and exercise while exploring the JAARS Center.
Location: 6615 Wycliffe Ave, Waxhaw, NC 28173, USA

So this submission was an “our team” review and was flagged as abuse. I’m not really sure why that is, but if anyone could clue me in that would be greatly appreciated. I’m relatively new to wayfarer and my first submissions were in April so im still learning a bit about what does and doesn’t make a good submission. I see disc golf stuff a lot in game while visiting parks so I figured these would be good nominations as none of the course had wayspots. So one afternoon last week I submitted the whole course in bulk. A few got approved, a few got denied, but many are still in queue/voting. This one was the only “our team” review. Being that it was an “our team” review and got flagged for abuse I’m worried what this means for me. Should I remove my other nominations related to the disc golf course? I don’t want to get in further trouble for something like this.

Hi! Welcome to the forum! I’m so sorry one of your first nominations was rejected. I can’t speak for the abuse designation (unless the pin was misplaced from where object actually is [I can’t tell from what I can see here]), but I can say that despite seeing others like them in the games, individual golf holes are not eligible waypoints. I’ve linked the criteria below so you can read further.

This is when I get to say the completely unsatisfying but also completely true statement of “you can’t base your nomination’s eligibility on what you see on the gameboard in the real world.” Not all nominations that are no longer eligible have been removed, so I understand why it’s confusing. If it were me, I would withdraw the submissions that haven’t entered voting yet that are individual disc golf holes, but that’s up to you.

If this is the first thing that has been flagged as “abuse,” I wouldn’t worry too much. It wasn’t accompanied by an email warning or an “educational” email, so it will be okay. Just make sure you are nominating according to the criteria in the future!

I also know that it feels awful. Please don’t let it keep you from contributing (and coming here to talk to us) in the future!


Thanks for the honest and helpful feedback. I have withdrawn my pending submissions for these. (Ouch thats a lot of nominations wasted) Lesson learned. I was just trying to bring some life to my local area. Such is life I guess.


Actually, I’m going to add a little bit to what @xLilPoundcake said (because Wayfarer is not confusing enough!).

Yes, absolutely true that individual holes are not eligible for disc golf courses. However, in the absence of a general sign for the disc golf course (or even a regular golf course), the first hole can serve as the single wayspot to represent the entire course.

Since we don’t know where this is, we can’t see if there is another POI somewhere else on the course that would then make this a duplicate.

The other thing that gives me pause about your image is that it says it’s sponsored by a school. If this disc golf course is on school grounds, it is ineligible for that reason. But I would expect a K-12 rejection if that had been observed.

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Thank you for adding additional clarification. There is another POI that denotes the whole course.( I also nominated that one in that bulk session) It’s not near any schools though, just this hole is sponsered by one as all 18 holes were built via donations to Jungle Aviation and Radio Services (JAARS)

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Based on the fact the criteria info says 1 POI per course then I would not see that pin placement should be an issue as long as the pin is somewhere within the boundaries of the course, which with disc golf, that is a very large area, possibly miles. And while I understand your comment of just because you see them doesn’t make them eligible, but the current system that niantic has in place is a player voting system to decide what is accepted and isn’t. And until they find a way to keep ineligible things from going to voting then players will continue to upvote things they believe should be approved no matter what guidelines they are given. This is a flaw in the current system that needs fixed.