HTML text showing in review

I just came across this in a review. It was a photo review and this is the description shown at the top. Couldn’t even get the whole thing in the screenshot! Is this a bug in Wayfarer, or is the description really like that?

That is just a horrible description. HTML isn’t going to do anything for a title/description in the games.

I think someone wrote it up with HTML and it somehow was approved. I’ve never seen this with any title/description while reviewing, so I don’t think it’s a bug on Niantic’s end.

I think this is from hmdb imports back in the day.


Some of the original seed Wayspot that Niantic used for Ingress were from this database. For whatever reason the format was horrible.

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The original images imported from HMDB should also have an watermark on them. That can likely be helpful in clarifying things.

As correctly pointed out, Wayspots with html markup that have more characters than typically allowed are USUALLY hmdb imports.

Reviewers will see the markup visible.

A minor correction to a comment above, this usually shows up “correctly” in Ingress. I forget about Pokémon GO.

Edit to add: “correctly” as in the line breaks, I don’t think the text modifiers usually work.