Old edits for removed wayspots still "IN QUEUE"

  • Description of the issue
    I just noticed that my two oldest edits “IN QUEUE” are for wayspots that have been retired. (Only 4+ months old).
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    Browser viewing my own nominations.

I suppose a new state could be introduced (DEFERRED?). If a wayspot is removed, then all existing edits to that spot not in a final state would be changed to DEFERRED. If a wayspot is restored, start over fresh IN QUEUE.

Or improve the queries to not include retired wayspots.

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I have a location edit from June 2023 “In voting” for a Wayspot that has since been removed.

I wonder if reviewers will only see one pin option?

We are aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.

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In Queue I’m not so worried about, but wouldn’t something like In Voting end up throttling nearby spots?