Orange Banner on the Contribution Page

Does anyone know what this means?

Does the Contribution Page have anything indicating that the community decided? (Or ML decided?)

On the left-side list,
this was a community decision:
this was “our team”
I don’t see a difference there.

Prior to the update, the orange ribbons/banners were not correctly aligned with the layout of the contributions page. Some of them would clip into the nomination above, some of them would be partially hidden behind the frame at the edge of the list, and in general it made the formatting look a little bit wonky. The update somewhat fixes this (it’s still not perfect on mobile layouts, but at least the amount of ribbon showing seems to be the same across all nominations). It has nothing to do with who the decision was made by.

So NianticThibs was incorrect to say “for community decided”?

Good thing Tintino never said that, then!

I’m sure you know that communication is one of Niantic’s strongest attributes.

OK, I fixed my typo. Niantic employee, whoever.

I think it means THEY see something that tells if community or “our team” decided, and NianticThibs didn’t realize we don’t see it.

Maybe they can change it so we can see it too.

I can tell you that the alignment issue of the banner’s has not been resolved


When I said partly fixed, I meant they were at least all aligned with each other. You can see that all the ribbons are the same size and shape, and they’re all in the same vertical column. This wasn’t the case before. They’re still misaligned against the top edge of the nomination, but they’re at least partly fixed, so it’s a step in the right direction I guess.

Baby steps lol

‘Ability to withdraw edits’ had never been added in the first place, even for recent edit submissions. Not sure what Niantic is thinking!

Yes it was, it was available very briefly, but it was there.