Question Regarding Different "In Voting" Status Icons

Hello all,

I noticed on my “Contributions” page that there were two different “In Voting” status icons. Does anyone know why this is and if it means anything?

The first status icon is just the words “In Voting”, while the other status icon is the same thing but with the Niantic airship logo next to it (see below for examples).

My guess is that newer nominations get the icon with the Niantic logo, as the only ones I have without it were ones I had submitted last year. I’d also be interested to know if this has anything to do with Niantic’s ML reviewing it instead.

Please let me know if anyone knows anything. Thanks!

in voting old
in voting new

Simply put, the one with the Niantic logo means that it’s being reviewed by Niantic themselves, as opposed to being reviewed by other wayfarer users like you or I. It’s nothing to do with the ML - your nominations typically won’t ever show as in voting if they’ve been reviewed by ML, and instead they’ll instantly go from In Queue to either Accepted or Rejected/Duplicate.

Niantic are required to review a proportion of all submissions themselves, so they randomly take some from the review queue, and it looks like one of yours was randomly chosen.

Okay, cool. I guess that makes sense in my case because I recently submitted a dozen or so wayspot nominations from around my local area, and that may have looked weird to them since I had only submitted one other nomination in the last four months.

Thanks for the info!

Niantic is currently pulling a lot more into internal review than usual. My theory is that they are working on the ML model. Nothing to worry about at all!