Page refresh a very long time

The page refresh takes a very long time, I often have to close the site to reopen the forum.
It’s not very motivating to participate. It would also be necessary that when connecting it is direct the categories that we see and not the latest messages.


Hi! I’ve experienced the same issue when I use, for example, Google Translator to translate from English to my native language, Spanish. Could you tell me if you are experiencing the same issue for the same reason, please?


it’s possible that it’s related to that

Thank you for your reply! What I can recommend you for the moment is to turn off the translator as is causing this type of issue. This have been flagged to try to find a solution because, just like me, there are plenty other people that probably use this type of tool to have a better experience in the forum.


A similar incident occurred when viewing the site in Japanese using Google’s automatic translation.
There is no response when I press like.

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