People in photos: How accurate do you have to be?

Sometimes I get photos of POI’s that have a person barely visible.

Link to the picture

When zooming in on the mirror to the left, I can clearly see a reflection of a person walking on the sidewalk.
I don’t believe someone could recognize if it was his reflection, or even tell that there is a person at all.

My first guess would be to flag the review for having Bodyparts. But, do I even have to be that accurate in finding people in photos?

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I admire the dedication, but I think in the case of this specific one you’re taking it a notch too far.


I was hesitant myself to decline the submission, so I created this post to get clarification. But now the review timer has run out :smiley:

Thank you for the response :slight_smile:


I think you have to use some common sense in these situations. If there is someone central and obvious in the photo then it would be more appropraite to flag it for that. A person far in the background or barely recognisable in a reflection is probably fine.

Its great that you are taking time and checking these things, keep up the good work. :grin:

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I can’t seen anyone in this photo, and I’m thinking most won’t either.

Like previously noted, use your best judgment. Niantic doesn’t want photos that have a person in any photos that could be identified, especially their faces. I once had a nomination for a church, but since the main photo was of the entrance and several people were leaving at the time and were easily identifiable, I rejected it for the photo.

If there is just someone in the far background, say, walking on a park path in the background of a park playground, but I can’t see their face and they’re too small to be easily identified, then I’m ok with that.

Basically, I consider whether or not the person in the photo can be identified, similar to if I can fully read a car’s license plate and would be able to find out who possibly owns said car. There could be some messy legal issues for Niantic if someone was identified via a photo of themselves or their car was discovered and something illegal happened to said person.


I’ll do that too from now on. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


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I was wondering the same thing, :unamused: it makes it even more of a hassle none if these locations are even in the same state so you don’t know if it’s “safe” it’s hard to judge a place you don’t know of.

Just use common sense - look at the picture. If the person were a friend of yours, could you identify them from the image? If they’re too far away/their face isn’t visible etc then it should be fine. Walking in front of the nomination, head turned towards the camera? Instant reject.

If you are really unsure either skip or reject for body parts - other reviewers will either do the same and you know you made the right call, or they’ll all approve and the person will get their approval email anyway!

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I just rejected a submission today because I could fully see the person in the window. They took the main photo in portrait, which is the main issue with them showing up, as the sign would have been better taken in landscape, and may have eliminated the submitter from the window reflection.

I’ve even submitted places, and then when I’ve been able to review them in Contribution Management, I’ve found the photos to be bad, and have been able to see myself in the window reflection. I withdrew those, as I knew they wouldn’t get approved, and resubmitted with a photo somewhat to the side, as to not have my reflection show up in the window.

Again, use your best judgment, and if it seems like you could identify the person(s) in the main photo, it may be best to reject. Keep in mind that we only get 3 skips every 24 hours, so I wouldn’t recommend using them all up.

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Yeaaa you’ll prob get negatively effected if you mark it for person or body parts, also, same goes with the second picture, apparently there can be license plates, people, whatever, as long as the main picture doesnt have that, same with low quality or effort, then again, personally I dont think any of that matters at all, if anything you’ll get docked for marking submissions as low quality/effort.