Photo review colliding with general rules

I got a photo review to rate, it would match the criteria.


But generally it should not be a wayspot, because they have been taken on a cemetery .

How to handle ?

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If the photos are fine mark them that way and move on :slight_smile:

But isn’t that like “this car is not allowed to park here, but license plate and insurance is OK so I accept” ?

It’s more like

’ This car is not allowed to park here, I’ll report it’

Knock, knock, knock… Silence.

‘Hey, there’s an illegal car in your parking lot’

‘Thanks, I’ll pass you on to the Illegal Car Support team’

’ Hey, there’s an illegal car in your parking lot’

‘Thanks, we’ll look into it’

Next day

‘Hey, that illegal car is still in your parking lot’

’ Thanks, we moved it 11 metres’

‘It’s still illegal and in your parking lot’



Hi @TheRincewind
The cemetery theme was often discussed.
Niantic gave recently this criteria catalogue:

Things on cemeteries could be eligible.
In reviews you can do not so much:
Skip it or do your best judgement.

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Thanks for forwarding, but that rule from Niantic does not make any sense.

The general place shall be rejected, but something on that place can be accepted ?

Following that logic, a p-rn shop must be rejcted, but when there is for example some rare (casual) looney tunes statue inside, that one can be accepted.

Es un buen lugar

Yes something like this.
In this forum you can find posts about walmart murals. Walmart is ineligble (chain business) but each mural in the entry zone is unique. It’s a bit like this

The reasons for removal are not the same as the reasons for rejecting a wayspot. As long as old wayspots do not meet the removal criteria, they remain in the database.